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DETAILS | White outdoor staircase

DETAILS | White outdoor staircase

I’m starting a new Thursday feature called DETAILS dedicated to Interior Details. I don’t know about you but quite often, when I spend time on Pinterest, it’s very much one…

DETAILS: vintage sliding door

Details: vintage sliding door

…the door and to secure a track strong enough to bear the weight. What do you think? Also, this is the third of my DETAILS series and I would love…

DETAILS | Pretty writing on a wall

I had this image bookmarked for a very long time… I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do in our home in London which has now three…

5 uplifting things to do in pink. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.com

Pink Interior details

I find whites very soothing and they calm me down but when I feel a bit under the weather like today (I missed this gorgeous child of mine), I find…

DETAILS | Painted rug on concrete floor

DETAILS | painted rug

I first spotted a painted rug on a concrete floor in the holidays home of Paola Navone in Greece and I think it’s a feature that doesn’t get old and…

Le relooking de notre cuisine blanche, minimaliste

Our white kitchen makeover

…become stained with water. Despite several attempts to restore it to its former glory, it wasn’t looking great. Then there were small aesthetic details but one specifically bugged me for…

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

Camerich contemporary sofa collection

…when it comes to simply, well-designed, contemporary sofas. Contempory design is tricky to achieve and what really ticks my box with the Camerich collection, is the attention to details like…

A beautiful family home in Biarritz, France

A feel-good, family home in Biarritz, France

…blending with designer pieces like the comfy Togo sofa by Ligne Roset which, by the way, celebrated its 40th year anniversary two years ago. There are so many lovely details