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How to look after your plants

Book review: House of plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray

Ro Co. This book covers lots of interesting things: How to look after your plants be they cacti, succulents, air plants or tropical plants and understanding their needs Find plants

urban jungle at home. For more inspiration, go to www.karinecandicekong.com

5 ways to display green plants at home

I have enjoyed doing this post so much last year that I think it’s time for another one. The large plants that I got a few months ago (photo 3)…

Urban Jungle in San Francisco, Paxton Gate

Urban jungle in San Francisco

…loved discovering Paxton Gate, which is quite an interesting, curious shop considering they specialise in entomology and taxidermy and plants. So yes you get welcomed by skulls and dead animals…

Un appartement suédois dans des tons naturels

A flat in Sweden with a neutral palette of white & wood

…a very soothing and peaceful space. PLANTS IN THE KITCHEN Plants and flowers are two things that will add a feel-good, homely vibe to the kitchen. I really love the…

How to make your own fall wreath

The top 10 evergreen Christmas wreaths that will last longer

…after thoroughly cleaning it and spray my plants with it regularly). Christmas wreath-making TIP #3: Choose evergreens that last a long time. I cut some Holly in the forest that…

How to deal with the change of season

How to deal with the change of season

…wort in the evening to sleep better. Plan weekly meals: I’m a strong believer in the power of plants to heal our bodies and prevent illnesses and the great thing…

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia Homewares

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home

plants and succulents but I have been trying them around the house and they work beautifully against the walls of our tadelakt bathroom, or our bedroom with white floorboard. The…

le paper bag, New-York print, typography, urban jungle

An alternative to the traditional planter

Since I came back from Amsterdam last October, I have been keen to add large plants in our home to use them as design pieces. I got the one above…