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A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

If you watched my stories yesterday, you probably saw the amount of brown boxes in my lounge. It was a mess and it freaked me out a little but our home is being photographed on Monday (and I will use this opportunity to promote my portrait photography). I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish styling the house properly.

I always find that when you go through major renovations, you tend to be on top of things for 90% of them and by the time, the heavy work is done, you have no energy left to finish the remaining 10%, which is, in fact, the fun part.

It was also a challenge to source everything in the UK when I was stuck in France but apart from a few things, it went pretty smoothly.

As I mentioned in this article about adding textures to your home, I moved this lovely Berber rug to our bedroom and put a much larger and beautiful rug from a company called Larusi in our lounge.

They have an amazing selection of Moroccan rugs and I also fell in love with these amazing papier maché bowls.

To replace the pallet table which I made and freshen up the look, I also sourced this gorgeous new coffee table by Menu from Amara Living. 

Since they started working with Norm Architects, the Menu collection has completely changed and improved for the best and is now really very beautiful and organic.

Right, I need to get on with things because I still have heaps to do but I’ve listed a few more things on bodieandfoupreloved if you want to help me out to clear the house while getting beautiful things for your home ;-)


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