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A fresh start

white linen sofa in CASA PYLA

This is it, we are starting a new year, a fresh start. It is time to tidy things up and embrace the year ahead.

This year, we stayed in France due to Covid but I have to admit that hanging out at home was a good thing to do. Those few days between Christmas and New Year Eve when life slows down always feel a bit special.

Somehow you know that most shops will be closed (in France), your fridge is full, it’s cold outside and there is no need to venture outside. So you can enjoy a guilt-free trip on the couch and that’s why we’ve done. Reading, drinking tons of tea, napping, watching Netflix, and running every other morning for good measure.

This Covid 2020 year (let’s hope it’s the only one) has, like any other year, gone by fast. Somehow time during lockdowns felt slow until it wasn’t. I felt I had plenty of time to do things until time ran out and I hadn’t done half of the things I wanted but that’s OK.

I love the beginning of a new year. 365 days to ourselves to make new things happen. Such a world of possibilities…

I have already a few things that I want to do:

Designing wardrobes for our bedrooms so we stop having piles of clothes on the floor,

Build a new website for CASA PYLA,

Start planning the CASA PYLA Atelier (a 40 sqm garage I’m converting into a studio),

And grow my photography business which I had to put on the back burner while I was project-managing the renovations.

How about you? What kind of projects and adventures do you want to take off the ground this year?

For those interested, this is the Family linen sofa by Bed & Philosophy, They ship abroad and I had the pleasure to photograph their collection three times last year and their products are truly beautiful.

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