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A minimalist white kitchen with high ceiling

A minimalist white kitchen with high ceiling

The minimalist design, the white walls, the massive sky window to fill the room with natural light, the soothing combo of white and natural wood makes this kitchen one of my absolute favourites.

From a design point of view, kitchens are my favourite room in a home and I’m absolutely loving everything about this white, airy kitchen. What do you think?

This kitchen is from a block of 22 apartments built in a former meat factory by Swedish Architecture practice Arrhov Frick.

Sadly I couldn’t find more pictures of the kitchen or the whole flat to share with you so we will have to make do with this sole photo and imagine how the rest of the flat could look like.

The design of this kitchen is very simple but yet so effective and works wonderfully in a small flat as we all as a warehouse-type conversion.

Subtle black touches are added throughout the room like this classic Vitra Eames house bird (available from John Lewis) sitting on top of the kitchen units.

The square table and the chairs are similar to the ones designed by Michael Thonet (1796-1871). Nowadays, the company Thonet GmbH is managed by Thorsten Muck in Frankenberg and Michael Thonet’s direct descendants in the fifth and sixth generation remain involved in the company’s business as associates and sales partners.

The collection comprises famous bentwood furniture, tubular steel classics from the Bauhaus era, and current designs by famous contemporary architects and designers.

In the UK, & Habitat have a great selection of chairs but you will find similar Bistro chairs here.

//Photography: Arrhov Frick


  1. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. I can never make my kitchen look like that. What about the dishrack? The kettle? My rice cooker? The toaster?

  2. Ryan Sheffield says

    It look really nice with the sky window and everything in white. No signs from the meat factory past. :D Props to the Swedish architect!

    • I would have loved to find more before & after pictures of this project to be honest. If the rest of the flat is as great as this kitchen, it would be fantastic to see what the Architects have done

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