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A sneak-peek of our kitchen | RENOVATIONS

After 4 1/2 months of intense renovations and an insane high level of dust throughout the whole house, our kitchen is almost ready (see old one here) and I really thank you all for all your very kind comments when I posted this photo.
white kitchen, corian, Miele appliances, BODIE and FOU renovations

I spent last weekend unpacking and re-discovering pretty ceramics I hadn’t seen in over four months and I even bought some fresh basil in a pot. Once we are settled down, I will defo add one of these beautiful plants.
Was four months without a kitchen worth it? Oh yes!
We’ve tripled our storage space and created a white kitchen that I loved (I really hated the previous one), with a beautitful, smooth Corian worktop and a very long and inviting breakfast bar.
white kitchen, corian, Miele appliances, BODIE and FOU renovations
At some point, the level of dust in our house was so high that it was a real challenge to have a ‘normal’ family life, let alone finding a space or the energy to write a blog post so I’ve posted most of the renovation updates on Facebook (you can view the whole renovations album on Facebook hereand on Instagram under hashtag #bodieandfourenovations
We didn’t store our belongings away and I really wish we had send them to Spaceways again, a storage company I used before which collect things from your home, as it would have made things a lot easier (you live and learn right!?).

I sold a few items on ebay and Instagram before the renovations started and then boxed everything else in our bedroom while we moved in the new loft conversion but I never anticipated the insane amount of dust, taking the chimney breasts down in Mila’s old room (featured here in Milk magazineand the room above, would create. Insane!!!!!

The day it happened, I came home and had my first (and sole) panic attack since the beginning of the renovations…2 cm of dust on the floor, boxes, everywhere.
Steve was away, Mila was in France and I must have cried a good 20 min before being able to calm myself down, pick the hoover and get one with it but gee…I really wish I had stored our clothes away.

white kitchen, white interiors,industrial lighting, BODIE and FOU renovations

After a water burst and the fridge defrosting yesterday for no reason, the kitchen is now operational. The resin floor is being laid down the w/c 20th October and we’ve only got two more pipe lamps (see above, they’re cool, aren’t they!?) to fix on the wall and we are done!
I’m over the moon by the result…hope you like it too :-)

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  1. Oh Karine the kitchen is to die for! Absolutely stunning but I wouldn’t have expected anything less. All of that dust… I know too well gets into everything and you’ll be finding it for months afterwards but definitely worth it that’s for sure. I bet you’re enjoying many wine’s with your man admiring the surroundings. Mel x

  2. Thanks Mel, I love it..never had such a gorgeous kitchen. We used Ikea when we renovated our houses in France and all I can say is that there is a massive difference in the quality.
    i think i’m gonna be very very happy pottering in this kitchen :-)

  3. Parfaite… j’ai hate d’y prendre un smoothie-breakfast ;)… plutôt en 2015 je pense au final!!
    Et d’ici là je pense que la colonne au fond de ton ilot va se recouvrir de sublimes Moodboards !!
    Enjoy now!

  4. So Happy for you! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see the whole bunch of pictures you will hopefully post when all ready ;)


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  9. Renee says

    LOVE your new kitchen Karine. We are just about to undergo the same type of renovation (though in East London) and I was wondering if you would recommend or mind sharing your builders details with me… if you think he would travel out to us? Thanks x

  10. Hi Renee

    Our kitchen was fitted by Ludlow of Holloways and we used a different company to dig into the floor and re-structure the whole space in preparation of the resin floor but sadly I wouldn’t recommend this team of builders. I suggest you contact George from Loft King who did our loft conversion and see if he recommend anyone

  11. Chris says

    Would you share how the wood “bar” was attached on the white countertop? I would love to try this for counter in my kitchen – thanks!


  12. jordie says

    Hi, Can I ask the distance between your rangehood and cooktop? Thanks,

  13. Callie Marie says

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your kitchen renovation. I love the simple white design paired with the natural wood countertop. The floor-to-ceiling cupboards must give you so much storage space! I will have to remember that idea when I remodel my own kitchen.


  15. I also really love the look of white kitchens. It looks so clean and modern! I’m thinking it’s time for a remodel in my own kitchen, so this gave me some great ideas. The ceramics and plants added a great touch. What type of plant is that in the picture?

  16. Wow, that is a stunning kitchen I wonder how the breakfast bar was attached to the coriander? I want to do this but haven’t seen it done before!?

  17. Danny says

    You have to love a nice new, white kitchen, it just changes everything. My wife and I recently completed a remodel like this. Everyone always forgets to put a nice wine rack in though. Trust me its worth ti. Picked one up online from that holds 110 bottles. I was a fun DIY kit too. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your renovation on this blog guys.

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