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A warm lounge in neutral hues

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

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A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral huesWhile doing some research for Mila’s bedroom upcoming makeover to add storage and give her walls a fresh coat of paint (see the most recent makeovers here and here), I came across this soothing lounge in natural hues in the home of Interior Designer, Susanne Swegen.

Since we sold our home in London and relocated to the beach in France, I have been moving towards interiors with a more natural feel, textures, and hues of whites and soft greys rather than the all-white Scandi look we had in London.

A trend that I can see happening on my two Instagram accounts too: @bodieandfou and @peoplefromthesea (did you notice the change!? :-)

As we now surf a lot more and go to the beach at least twice a week offseason, it was inevitable I guess, that the beauty and natural vibes of the surrounding white sandy beaches would rub on me.

At first, it was the soothing blend of neutral colours that caught my eyes.
Those light grey walls work beautifully with the beige and wooden furniture in the room and rather than look bland, I felt the whole space looked very inviting, minimalist and calming.

Then it was the small practical details….

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

Storage painted in the same muted tone than the walls

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

The inspiring collection of sculptures that makes me want to sign up for an art class again

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

And that minimalist, beautiful mirror from Ikea

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral huesAll in all, a lovely space to make your own with a few vintage finds and selected designer pieces like the ones below.

What do you think? Does this space work for you? I’m not for the all Ikea look but I think this room styled for Ikea has a lot of good things to draw inspiration from and a few personal items, would make it perfect.

Images via Ikea


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