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A white apartment with natural accents

Un bel appartement blanc aux touches naturelles

Hello everyone! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that white interiors are my first love so today, I’m taking inspiration from this beautiful white apartment with lovely natural accents.

I love how lived-in and cosy it feels. It’s not a big place but it is a beautiful space don’t you think?

A beautiful white apartment with natural accentsOne thing that I really want to tackle this year is our lounge in France.
Steve was given a massive TV by his best friend who moved back to New-Zealand and although it was a nice thought, this very large screen is a real eye-sore in our lounge (at least to me!). I suggested we put it on the wall and get rid of the stand but somehow, Steve who is normally handy and good at DIY is not feeling brave enough to drill into the wall.

Looking at the position of the sofa and chairs, I think the black picture frame on the wall is a print and not a TV but should you have one of these TV screens, it would look great mixed with prints.A beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA beautiful white apartment with natural accentsA few things that caught my eye in this flat are the lovely bed linens and EVE has currently some nice linen sheets in various colours that are reversible.
The large poster above the bed is available from Love Warriors and you can find the Missoni bath towels from here in the UK.

If you love the uncluttered look, you may want to read this article:  15 helpful, practical tips to start decluttering your home which I wrote earlier this year.

What are the things you love the most about this flat?

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  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Dear Karine,

    You must be a mindreader.. Both this and de- clutter posts are spot on today as we are currently in proces of adapting to the fact we are probably moving country and leaving this lovely, spacious apartment( and 2 bedroom attic storagespace????) for apartment half the case scenario in 6-8 months time , worst 3-4 months… So lapping up all your great advice and finding comfort in these beautiful and practical interior solutions and advice… Always love your feed.. It just comes very randomly to my mail…
    Have a great weekend there????????????

    • Hi Lene

      I have been in a decluttering mood myself :-) It has been pouring down rain these past 2 days and now that Mila is back at school and I have unpacked our Summer suitcases, I have sorted out our paperwork, clothes she has outgrown, and threw and gave away stuff. I think I’m nesting for the winter.

      Where are you moving??

  2. I’m normally more fond of a bit more color (though not too much) but with how bright and well-lit this space is, I can definitely dig it, especially since the light seems to be all natural light – the best kind!

    • Karine Kong says

      Our is as big as yours. My problem is that it’s one small corner and I can’t find a nice piece of furniture to have it on.
      I kind of suggested we get rid of them and get an imac instead but S thinks the screen will be too small
      Either that or I’m thinking of putting it in a vintage cupboard…

  3. Sophie says

    Help please!
    Can someone tell me which white is on the wall please?
    Karine, just read one article about your home in London, (French article on Milk) which white colour did you use for your home please ? I am currently buying mine and struggling with all the different whites… it’s to use in rooms with and without natural light.
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Sophie

      I tend to go for the Pure White from Dulux but the waterproof version which normally goes in kitchens & bathrooms. Its more expensive and washable which I feel with a dog and a kid is well-worth it.

      I hope this helps.


  4. Taseen Chowdhury says

    Unique pendants and lamps. They fit in so nicely with your furniture and the atmosphere feels so modern. Overall good stuff as usual really keen on them white interiors.

  5. KMP Furniture Blog says

    Everything in its right place. No clutter no nothing, bravo! I’m a big fan of the lighting work I must say. The floorboards are the only thing I dislike tho, they seem too cold, otherwise everything look very homely and cozy.

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