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Our effortlessly chic & natural style bedroom

An effortlessly chic & natural style bedroom

I have recently found out that our home in London is going to be featured in the UK edition of Grazia magazine (mid-July issue 688) which, in the middle of the renovations of our home in France, got me super excited.

When I left London a few months ago, I was feeling extremely tearful and grateful at the same time, to the extent that I ended up kissing our walls and thanking our home and the universe for the happy years we had there as a family.
Have you done this before!?If not, you should try, it’s good karma :-)

Here I was saying goodbye to a home, I had loved and cherished but which was also our first family home.

It was where I first painted Mila’s bedroom walls in dark grey, where I designed our first (and probably not the last) Tadelakt bathroom, where we completely refurbished the kitchen to create an inviting, open-plan kitchen filled with natural light, transform the loft into a spacious bedroom with black floorboards with en-suite bathroom etc.

A few months before heading back to France to start a new chapter of our Life (which turned out to be a great move on so many levels), I also re-decorated several rooms but never got the time to show them so I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in Grazia.

Until the house is featured in Grazia, here is a picture of our bedroom in London (see how our bedroom was before here).An effortlessly chic & natural style bedroomAn effortlessly chic & natural style bedroomAn effortlessly chic & natural style bedroom

I really loved these natural wood side tables which softened the room and suited the low-level bed we had then.
The wooden bead necklace hanging on the door was made by my mum and the stonewashed linen bedding in natural hues was gifted to me by Cultiver, an Australian company that has gorgeous hues in their collection.
For those who are not familiar with my Portrait photography, the picture on the wall is a portrait I took of my daughter Mila for my upcoming photography exhibition “People from The Sea”.

And if you’re interested, you can see how the house has evolved in those old press coverages here

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