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April & May styling for ZARA

April & May styling for Zara Kids
Gorgeous it was first time around, gorgeous it still is…and I’m talking about the styling my friend Jantine and Vivian from April & May did for the ZARA Baby Collection 2014The only thing I regret is that sometimes makes that often…the ZARA collections feel a lot like a blank copy of Kids fashion labels which may not have the financial support and overheads that Zara has (and I do love ZARA)….
April & May styling for Zara Kids
but I also very much LOVE Spanish brand Bobo Choses (available here in the UK) and I can’t help thinking that those gorgeous little trousers with pineapples lemons print look very much like what Bobo Choses did a couple of years ago…

Wouldn’t it be a more positive and ethical way for big brands like ZARA to do collaborations with independent designers the way H&M does it or Monoprix in France? I know it is now the ‘kind’ world we live in but having been at the receiving end of copycats last year, I think it’s a real shame.
I guess with a comment like this, I will never get asked to style for them :-)
What do you think?


  1. So true… Love Zara too…
    Pourtant je suis écoeurée de voir ces grosses firmes piller le magnifique travail de créateurs ! Not fair at all !!

  2. oh i agree, i’d be so much more beneficial for smaller companies (and the bigger ones actuslly) to do collabs, rather than copying (blatantly or not) for their own gain!

  3. Hi! Totally agree with you, they do it very well but a pity they get too “inspired” on small brands.
    Thanks for pointing out.
    David //lötiekids

  4. There is some really gorgeous styling in your post – really very sweet! I think it is such a shame that big brands use prints from other brands / artists. I agree with you – they should collaborate – I think when they do it’s a positive – for me I’m more interested in H&M collaborations rather than their general day-to-day wear because its something a little different from their normal line x

  5. Anonymous says

    I dont’t love Zara and i think it’s a shame they start to try to take over all the market, copying the designs and style and communication of the small brands. They hire bloggers, do photoshoots like the small brands do, COPY designs, and they do nobody a favour. I don’t want a world dominated by big companies only, i want a place for the small. for all the small businesss, blogs, brands, things, families that live on that. I don’t want zara, don’t want copies, don’t want made in china or bangladesh (tough i know they have european production, too), and i don’t want all people to pin and repin and share and buy these things, because one day they will wake up and live in a world where there is no space for anything else…. and that will be a sad world. so i am very happy you wrote this, it is so obvious though nobody else seems to write about it.

  6. Daniela says

    it’s not only zara and zara is not all bad. but this new direction is not nice and is not fair.
    having said, wish you a nice weekend. thanks for sharing!

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