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Are you interested in my bathroom renovation project ?

Despite feeling upbeat at breakfast time when the sun was out, by the time I came back from the cinema with Mila this morning, it was clear that I had caught a bug.

So instead of spending the afternoon doing a bit of DIY to freshen up our pallet coffee table, I’m now in bed trying to drink lots of water, eating fruits to bring my immune system back to normal…. and I’m working on our bathroom renovation project.

I was planning to share my renovation project and tips with you on the blog because tackling the renovation of a bathroom is not the easiest project but at the same time, between putting the BODIE and FOU catalogue, running the business, freelance styling & other cool writing projects, it’s becoming a challenge to find the time and motivation to spend two hours writing an article when no-one seems to find the time to leave any comment. 

So rather than waste any more time, I thought I would ask you directly whether you would like me to share the renovation of our bathroom which for the time being look like a war zone
I may, in the future, put together a small survey to see what you like me to share the most with you (i.e. my DIY projects, styling jobs, styling tips, etc) but for now, if you could let me know if this would be something of interest to you, I would be most grateful. Have a great Sunday! xoxo

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  1. Martina says

    oh yes please! I’m planning to renovate our world smallest bathroom but I’m little bit scared. It would be nice to see “live” inspiration :)

  2. BODIEandFOU concept store says

    Aah thank you very much @varaidzo and @Martina

    Martina: what style are you planning for yours?

  3. Martina says

    It must be simple&light as it’s truly tiny and dark :( so clever storage & lots of mirrors. I love ‘NY metro style’ tiles but not sure if I’m brave enough to change them myself!

  4. BODIEandFOU concept store says

    I need some clever storage too. I wrote a post about metro tiles a while back but for kitchens. I wouldn’t be able to do the tiling myself…painting yes but tiling …wow it’s tricky although I would love to learn! Always meant to practice by the BBQ area in our house in France where there is some mosaic already but never got around it

  5. Born & Bred Studio says

    Are you joking? Yes we want to see your bathroom renovation! Get better soon x

  6. Urban Boer says

    Yes! The answer is always yes to any renovation you are taking on! Your home as it is and styling is beautiful and as you must know adorned, admired and inspires many renovating projects of your viewership! I love your home and always save or pin images of your home to inspire our own upcoming renovations! Keep up the amazing blog! South African Blog Love from Urban Boer

  7. anknel and burblets says

    We are on the tail end of the horrible flu thing. Let’s hope you get over it soon. I haven’t even managed to get into my office in the last ten days.

  8. Anonymous says

    Yes please! Hope you feel better soon. Thank goodness for some sunshine in London today…

  9. would love to see this, especially as this is the inspiration photo i used to show our architect for our own bathroom! great minds! ;)


    Of course, it is always very good to see how other people renovate their homes, well at least I think so. I have recently renovated my bathroom, still have to paint the walls as after paying a fortune the painting wasn’t included and weather has been so cold that I have done it yet. I can give you some tips, pls pls if you are going to use natural stone as I did get a fitter who know what they are doing, (I though i did), and always check their work at the end of each day. Shower get a small head as well as a big one, I only got a big one and sometimes is a bit tricky. Check your boiler pressure and above all make sure you love the tiles and the pieces, it took me over a year to make the decisions. Get better soon and looking forward seeing your ideas and final bathroom!

  11. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} says

    Yes please! We’re going to be attempting a bathroom reno ourselves this year so it’ll be great to see how you tackle it! And I know it won’t just be a run-of-the-mill space – exactly the kind of inspiration required :)

  12. Anonymous says

    I love everything you style, so I am sure the bathroom project will be no different. Very interested.

  13. Tanner says

    Is this a preview of the bathroom makeover? I wonder what is the option for privacy. The rustic elements and the gorgeous tub provide contrast and warmth to the space.

  14. BODIEandFOU concept store says

    Hi @Tanner
    This is not my bathroom but one I like a lot. I need to get cracking with this.
    I got very ill these last few weeks so didn’t do anything about it but will start this week

  15. Home renovation says

    I like the photo you have shared here.Have you taken it after renovating or it is before renovating?

  16. Joffey Joe says

    White bathrooms make a real appeal. I love your simple yet eye catching design. Modern and contemporary look.

  17. AnyClean says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I am looking for a bathroom ideas at the moment and came across your blog. Actually I loved your mirror and I think I will look for a one like this. It will greatly match with my bath and chandelier.

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