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Atelier September in Copenhagen

Atelier September in Copenhagen

Last time I visited Atelier September, the venue was a beautiful shop selling Danish antiques. The space has now been converted into a very inspiring and relaxing café and wine shop that you will love. It is also very conveniently located around the corner of the Vipp flagship store.
I loved the long, vintage communal tables and the large windows overlooking the street.
Food was good, simple and tasty and apparently their yoghurt & granola is to die for.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush to set up our pop-up store so I had egg and toasts.

I also loved their freestanding stainless-steel kitchen which looked beautiful on the Scandinavian floorboards. I’m not sure of the brand but Bultaup has a similar one.
The place is filled with natural lights and has some great magazines like Kinfolk and cooking books for sale.
Atelier September in Copenhagen

Atelier September in Copenhagen
Atelier September in Copenhagen

Atelier September in Copenhagen

Atelier September in Copenhagen

Since it’s now my 4th visit to Copenhagen, you can read my previous posts about places to visit in Copenhagen herewhere to sleep and even where to do Bikram yoga.

Photos 1, 2 & 3 by Sarah Coghill photos 4, 5 & 6 by Birgitte Bronsted 


  1. Look really great I love these places. In my town we have similar concept and I always go there with my friends to show How easy can be….

    Simply, good meal and friendly service.

    Have a nice day. Martinna

  2. What a great cafe! I wish I could have them here in Manchester! I would rather spend my lunch break writing blog post in such an inspiring place or just simply designing my client spaces… ech but I believe then it wouldn’t have this real magic of being in Copenhagen!This is definitely on my ”to de before die” list :)

  3. Oh I’m not sure I agree :-) @Yay or Nay
    I often work from little cafes near my home in London and what I find inspiring is the interiors and atmosphere of the cafe and I’m sure there is some cool little cafes in Manchester like there is in London or Copenhagen

  4. Looks a great light bright space. Yes, there are the most fabulous cafes and tearooms in Manchester too!
    I’m afraid if I had stood to order for 10 minutes and not been acknowledged I would have left!!!
    To me its very rude and I am known to be chilled and laid back….:-) xx

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