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Hang in there fine art print

New fine art print – “Hang in there”

Oversized art prints are a great way to add a striking focal point to a plain wall. My new fine art print “HANG IN THERE” is a reflection of the mixed emotions the world has gone through these last few weeks. There is a bit of uncertainty, the need to be comforted and yet this overall gentle, tender feeling that we will be alright. It’s a beautiful, striking print that will bring any white wall or a dark wall to life. You can see more examples here. “Hang in there” fine art print is available in two sizes: 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm. Larger sizes and framed versions are available upon request. Also available is THE WAY I AM.

How are you all?

How are you all doing?

How are you all doing? I see a lot of people struggling on Instagram, getting really stressed out and worrying about the Corona 19 and it breaks my heart. Worried about it is understandable. It’s a new situation for everyone to deal with. Added to the unknown, the fear of getting infected comes the money issue. A lot of people running small businesses like me will be affected. No-one knows how and when we will come out of the other side but I know we will. Some may have not been affected by the economic downturn in 2008 but in terms of money worries, this was a big one to go through too. Yet we all survived because times like us make us resilient, resourceful and proactive. I don’t know if it’s because I went through 2008 hell and back but I’m not feeling worried this time around. One of my biggest fears back then was to lose everything. When I say lose everything, at the time, my mind was fully focused on material things …

Minimalist bathroom with off white tones

A minimalist bathroom with off-white tones is likely to be the look of bathroom #3 in CASA PYLA. As known as Mila’s bathroom. Mila spent years telling me that our home in London was too white. Now that I’m moving towards warmer tones, she wants a white bathroom and ensuite. Go figure… This ensuite bathroom is 3.46 m2. It is not a huge space but decent enough for an ensuite. East facing, this bathroom has plenty of natural light all day and a window overlooking the front garden from the first floor. Before we knocked down the partition walls, there was a large built-in wardrobe and a basin. I’m replacing everything by an Italian shower with a niche (see picture below) and a large bathroom sink. I love this L: A BRUKET range, don’t you!? Plenty of storage is key to achieve a minimalist design for your bathroom. A large cupboard will allow you to store eye-sore skincare/hair products away while keeping some of your nicest skincare on display. When it comes to styling a bathroom, my …

A timeless, warm minimalist bathroom

A timeless, warm minimalist bathroom

This timeless, warm, minimalist bathroom caught my eye while I was pinning new things on my Pinterest boards. Especially the stone bathtub in grey travertine which I find simple and beautiful. Having four bathrooms to design for CASA PYLA, I’m currently drawn to minimalist bathrooms that have natural tones and textured walls.Designed by Architect Nicolas Schuybroek, this bathroom was conceived as a salon, hence the central bench. I love the overall look, the oversized mirrors, and the clean lines. The only thing I’m not a big fan of, is the Art déco references. Personally, I would have gone for minimalist lightings like the T series or this one by Charlotte Perriand. SHOP OVERSIZED MIRRORS Photography:  Claessens & Deschamps

Casa Cook Chania

CASA COOK hotels have always been a great source of inspiration. Their latest addition to their collection of laid-back, luxurious design hotels in Chania (Greece) is no exception to the rule. With its beautiful concrete walls, natural material & handmade furniture, this place makes you feel you are in Bali or Sri Lanka. A place where we’ve just spent 3 weeks over Xmas and I would return to in a heartbeat! This kind of laid-back, minimalist, textured vibe is what I envision for CASA PYLA although I will probably aim for softer, lighter tones to reflect the surrounding sandy beaches. CASA COOK Chania is a minimalist’s dream and open to families (the one in Rhodes in for adults only). Designed by Lambs and Lions Berlin and K-Studio architects as a low-slung village of modernist villas terraced against the side of a low hill in Chania, the hotel is surrounded by the Mediterranean and tropical plantings. The interiors by Lambs and Lions, in collaboration with interior stylist Annabell Kutucu, subtly contrast with the brand’s predilection for a midcentury vibe with …

How to do a home retreat and lose weight in the process

How to do a home retreat and lose weight in the process

As some of you saw on Instagram recently, I have managed to drop a few more kilos since my article on intermittent fasting in October last year. Since I know how painful and miserable those extra kilos can make us feel, I just wanted to share with you what worked for me. Like a lot of you, stress and tiredness usually make me overeat on the wrong food (overeating on green beans never happened ha!). Those 3 months of intensive renovations to get CASA PYLA ready for the Summer, left me with a few extra kilos I had lost the year before. So at the end of June, I was feeling tired, bloated and worried that I would put back on all the weight I had managed to lose. At the same time, Mila had been diagnosed with a 20% scoliosis. Her job over the Summer was to do plenty of exercises like stand up paddle, physio sessions to strengthen her back and prevent scoliosis to get worse. Being a teen, she wasn’t taking things as seriously as I …

our bathroom makeover with TIKAMOON

Our bathroom makeover with Tikamoon

I’m so pleased to share with you another makeover done in CASA PYLA. This bathroom makeover and this kitchen makeover were two of the biggest jobs in phase 1 of CASA PYLA. Luckily, the previous Owners had started renovating the bathroom a bit and it didn’t look as bad as the kitchen. However, it was far from being finished. Bearing in mind that it was only a 3-month project before we take everything apart and move the bathroom somewhere else, I did everything I could to create a modern, bathroom for people staying in CASA PYLA over Summer. The bathroom before Here is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. The previous Owners had already re-tiled the walls with these dark grey tiles below (which was lucky!), but a strip of tiles was missing all around the room. The walls and ceiling were painted in an old pale green and had a few holes. Last but not least, there was no shower screen, bathroom floor, tap or shower fitted. What did I do? First, I filled …