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Axel Vervoordt’s home

This is the home of belgian designer: Axel Vervoordt which frankly is a pure beauty and exactly the kind of spaces I found calming. Although I think I would need some kind of workspace somewhere in the house, where I could put moodboards on the wall and go crazy with images and MT masking tapes!
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  1. It is looking beautiful and calm indeed… lets attack the walls!!
    I was just thinking to put up a board…. but then there is one in the kitchen already! Two in a room looks a bit to much maybe ;P

  2. oh, those floors. they make me want to kick off my shoes and feel the uneven surface beneath my toes.

  3. Wow! So amazing home I like it so much. It’s looking natural. I like to have my own home just like this. There is no bar of neutrality.

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