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Back to school look

Back to school look

Twelve years in the making and it’s the first time that I didn’t drop Mila to the wrong school or the wrong day (the year she got into the French Lycée in London, I took her the day before school started).
It’s also the first time, I got everything done in time including school supplies courtesy of the parents association, which had the brilliant idea to centralise all purchases to save time and money to the parents. All I had to do was ticked a list, send a cheque and collect everything last Saturday (time spent on buying school stationary = 10 minutes, Stress level = peanuts).
God Bless Parents Associations!!Back to school lookBack to school lookOn Sunday, I got overwhelmed (and sad) by the realisation that she is growing up fast but today I’m  feeling better now. These feelings come and go and we just have to make the most of the time we have with our kids, while we can, can’t we!? At the end of the day, I’m hugely proud of the human being she is and the young woman she is becoming. Back to school lookBack to school lookI’m also very happy that she finally agreed wearing a classic winter coat this year. I have only been suggesting such a coat for the past three years but this time, I pushed forward because I could see how great it would look on her teens style with white converse & skinny jeans

Today, she is wearing denim dungarees and a cool t-shirt from Amuse Society.

Her bag is a Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack we bought in Bali but it is available from Urban Outfitters

How did #backtoschool go for you!? Any fun stories?


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    Aww how sweet, not that much older than my daughter. I hope she dresses like this when she gets to her age such style!!

    Bella figura!!

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