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Back to school..making pizza

Today, it was Mila’s first day at her new French school.

I don’t know…she is a pretty cool kid, always super happy to go to school but since we were switching from an English-speaking school to a French one, I felt I needed to be with her. Anyway, she came out of it this afternoon saying ‘my school is perfect’…pffuu…that’s this sorted…
So this afternoon, I taught her how to make a pizza….

I think it would be quite a nice tradition to start for Mothers and Daughters to make pizzas on the first day back at school, don’t you think?? What did you do with your kids?
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  1. Well my kids ae all grown up but when they were smaller we used to make ravioli and pasta… and some Sardenian dessert called Seadas pastadough filled with ricotta chees , rasped lemon and after being baked covered in bitter honey ;) sooo good.. But anyway making ravioli was alwasy fun to do kids like to turn around the pasta maker and play with the leftover dough ;)

    PS Not to offend the english system or anyone reading this, but I sure hope food on the Frnch school is better then on the english ones ;) (or you must tell me the Jamie oliver tv show was all made up)

  2. Sounds great!!!

    I´ll tell my sister about this, my niece starts her Greek school next Monday, and she can´t speak Greek

  3. ok je te laisserai traduire dans ton prochain post quand Mila l’aurait faite cette tourte!!!
    1kg d’épinards en branches (surgelés ça le fait) a faire cuire très doucement avec une noix de beurre, sel, poivre, un filet d’huile d’olive et qq grammes de noix de muscade rapée.
    Tu fais une pate brisée plus grande que ton moule, tu l’étales, quand les épinards sont cuits, tu y rajoutes un oeuf, et un fromage frais de chèvre (type Petit Billy ici) ou 1 pot de ricotta, tu verses sur la pate, tu rabats les bords sans tout recouvrir, et tu enfournes 25mn a 180°…
    Bon app’

  4. We also have home-made pizza on most Friday nights – delicious and a lovely fun way for the family to get together. We always have an Indian curry feast on the LAST day of school, but I love this idea of also celebrating the first day as something positive.

  5. I am in London next Friday and will be passing through Chiswick on my way from Kingston to Queens Park. Would love to call in to your office for a coffee, will you be there?

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