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Banana cake recipe

Has anyone tried the Banana cake recipe on page 30 of our catalogue?
When Steve forwarded me the recipe, I wasn’t convinced at first. The thought of using ripe bananas wasn’t exactly appealing to me but having recently received this huge fridge, I was going through a Nigella phase* (i.e cooking each Saturday morning homemade meals).
I also do our food shopping online and tend to order the same food over and over again each week.
While I’m not giving up on Mila getting her 5 a day, I often end up with a few bananas too ripe for anyone in the family to eat them, so rather than throwing them away, I thought I would give this recipe a go. I was happily surprised.
I put wallnuts in mine instead of dried fruits and it is simply delicious. My guilty pleasure at weekends now is to curl up on the sofa with Mila when the weather is horrible outside, with a cup of tea and a slice of two of this cake! Pure bliss….

*the phase has now ended

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  1. it’s on my list to try this weekend :)

    a friend once gave me an amazing banana tip – you can freeze over ripe bananas to use in cakes, smoothies, etc. just cut the tip off and squeeze it out like a piping bag, it works so well!

  2. Yummo, banana cake is a favourite in our house. I will have to look up the recipe.
    PS: are you only posting the catalogue in the UK or can we get it in Australia/ or should I just stick to the online catalogue? I think it would be a welcome coffee table addition for me!

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