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Mila’s bedroom makeover

Décoration chambre ado: un re-looking inspirant dans des tons doux et apaisants

Teen’s bedroom makeovers are very gratifying and enjoyable.

It is a great opportunity to do something creative with your child (even if you hire someone else to do it).
They may even become house proud afterwards.

That’s what happened with Mila.

She now loves her bedroom so much that she really looks after it.
She does her bed every morning, puts her clothes away in the evening and burns scented candles while doing her homework.

Her bedroom is now the most welcoming, feel-good room in our home.


Following Mila’s desk makeover, which many of you loved (thank you!) I have now tackled the rest of her bedroom makeover.

My goal was to ensure her bed would be warm, comfortable for wintertime while feeling a bit more luxurious.

A few months ago, we installed double-glazing which has made our home a lot warmer, cosier and secure.
A pricey but necessarily evil home improvement.

However, unlike the other bedrooms in our home, Mila’s room is exposed north and sees the least amount of sun.

Since Mila didn’t want to move out of her room, I focused on making her bedroom cosy, warm and comfortable.

The first thing I did, was getting her a new all season wool duvet new wool pillows from Woolroom (which by the way, impressed me by their quality) and a new set of white bed linen in stonewashed linen.

She has now two sets of bedlinen from Piglet in Bed (a soft pink and a pure white, which we both love) and the minimalist in me thinks it should be enough for now!

Mila's bed makeover

Deluxe wool duvet from Woolroom + stonewashed linen duvet cover & pillowcases from Piglets in Bed

Mila's bed makeover

The wool cushions & wool duvet from Woolroom come in fabric bags. Very useful for storage!

The feathers duvet covers I had bought from Ikea years ago, was for us staying in the house during Summertime.
Since we now live there full time, she needed something that would keep her warm at night during wintertime.

Mila's bed makeover

I was really impressed by how luxurious these pillows felt when I unpacked them…

I love the idea of an All Season duvet because it means that you don’t need to purchase another duvet for different seasons and I like to keep things simple.

This Deluxe duvet combines two duvets together so you can just store one of them in the fabric bag that comes with the duvet when the temperatures rise.

“Finding ways to sleep better is something that I’ve been really paying attention to, these past few years.”

While renewing our bed linen, I also ordered this mattress topper from EVE

A little add-on but it has made our bed, a lot more comfortable and more luxurious.
Steve and I are light sleepers which is why I was delighted to get our super comfy mattress back from London.

I only need 7 hours sleep to be productive but it needs to be 7 hours of sound sleep otherwise I get grumpy and overeat (does this happen to you too!?).


Mila's bed makeover

So…what are the reasons to buy wool bedding? Well, there are 4 good ones actually.

1/The first one is that you will sleep 25% better
Steve and I and suspect you too, need to manage our sleep better as we get older.
I don’t want to end up having insomnia and be up all night like my mum or his dad.
Mila, who is growing, also needs to sleep well to be attentive at school.

I’m sure you already know that bad sleeping patterns affect children’s ability to focus on school but it impacts on their growth too.

Here are two apps you may find useful:

  • OUR PACT app which enables you to control your children’s screen time so they are not on Snapchat or Instagram late at night,
  •  SLEEPCYCLE; my sister uses it and loves it. It enables you to monitor your sleep and set the optimum time for you to wake up.

2/ Wool regulates temperatures (like linen)
If you are cold at night, the wool fibres trap air to create an insulating layer and when you begin to perspire, wool helps you cool down by drawing moisture away from your body.
It’s basically, the ideal way to keep a steady temperature for a peaceful night’s rest!
The same goes with linen which is why over the past few years, I have swapped all our cotton bedding for stonewashed linen bedding which looks a lot nice and doesn’t need to be ironed.

3/ It is machine washable
Always a good thing. Even if you need to go to the laundry because your washing-machine is not big enough to fit a King size duvet, it will still work out cheaper than dry-cleaning.

4/ It’s hypoallergenic
None of us in the family are allergic to feathers, pets’ hair, dust, etc. However, we have enough people staying in our home and kids with asthma or allergies for not caring so I think it’s a no-brainer to have hypoallergenic bed linen.

So what did I do with Mila’s bedroom?

I first moved the silver star garland somewhere else and hang a lovely wall decoration by Madame Stoltz.
Mila's bed makeoverI also put Mila’s new wool pillows in pillow protectors to make the pillows last longer and avoid stains.

While the pillows from Woolroom are machine washable, I think it’s also more hygienic to add some pillows protectors which you can just throw in the washing machine whenever you want. Mine are from Ikea but you can get some here too, which you can then use on a normal pillow to get the added benefits of sleeping on wool.Mila's bed makeoverI then unpacked the lovely bedlinen from Piglet in bed, added some blush pillowcases I had in the cupboard and changed the vintage wooden crate for a white stool from Pols Potten (Isn’t this light pink stool beautiful!?).

So here is the result…

Bedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & white BEFORE & AFTER

BEFORE + AFTER Small changes that made Mila’s bed looking more luxurious, comfortable and warmer

Bedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteBedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteBedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteBedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteMila's bed makeoverBedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteWhile it’s Mila’s bedroom, I feel it also looks grown-up and luxurious enough to host friends and family while the kids sleep in the other room with two single beds.Bedroom makeover in hues of soft pink & whiteThe new wool bedding from Woolroom has added an extra touch of comfort and quality to Mila’s bedroom.
Mila's bed makeoverThe other great thing worth noting from Woolroom is that they have both EU and UK sizes for their duvets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers and pillows.
Considering more of us have lived throughout Europe or even own a property outside the UK, I think it is a useful thing.

I hope you love the result as much as we do. This combo of white and pale pink is very soothing, don’t you think!?

Shopping list:

Stool used as bedside table from Pols Potten
White Instax camera from John Lewis Also available from Urban Outfitters here in various colours
Pineapple light from La Redoute
Wool pillows and All Season Deluxe wool duvet from Woolroom
White line pillowcases and duvet from Piglet in Bed
Blush linen square pillowcases from Cultiver

Posted in partnership with Woolroom all views my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support BODIE and FOU.

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  1. Caroline says

    Love your style Karine x
    It looks like a lovely room to wake up in, very soothing. I’m in the process of replacing my kid’s bedding at the moment and have been looking at the washed linen at h&m, the price is so reasonable that I wonder how good the quality is though…
    What is the floor in Mila’s bedroom? Can’t quite tell from the photo.
    And what’s next on your list to do in your house?
    Keep the posts coming!

  2. Thank you very much Caroline!
    Alors…the linen…I have quite a few from various brands so H&M is good I think although I’m not sure about the thread & quality. Zara is a bit harsh I found and doesn’t get softer after you wash it.
    I love the white ones I mentioned in this post
    Piglet in Bed has also some nice ones at a great value I think.
    The floor is concrete (not polished sadly) and painted in light grey

    Next big jobs I need to tackle are the bathroom and the kitchen and the guest bedroom but the first 2 are big projects and I need to budget everything properly

  3. Nicole Séry says

    Thank you so much! I am searching for a proper duvet and after I ordered now twice (once a microfibre , then a feather/ microfibre duvet, both not suitable for me) I read your blogpost about the woolen duvet- one is supposed not to sweat under it, which is my issue- and I ordered one. I hope it’s finally the solution:)
    I love love love the duvet covers though but the sizes don’t fit with the duvet sizes in Germany.. great post!! thumbs up!!!

    • Hi Nicole

      I’m so glad you found this post useful and I hope you will be satisfied with the duvet you ordered. The Linen duvet from Piglet in Bed are UK size, have you got the same size in Germany than France? If so I will try to recommend you some


      • Nicole Séry says

        Hi Karine, I have no clue if there is ANY international “code” regarding those duvet sizes. Even in Germany there is so many- in my case I opted for an 155×220 which was available for this woolen duvet. The 135 cm in width I personally find it too small – even though am thin :)- haha.. So if you have any recomendations- the h&m linen duvet cover is only available in 135cm and then 200. I ve got one, but the quality isn t that great. I already sent a mail to Piglet in bed, I guess they gonna reply by tomorrow. :)

      • Nicole says

        Hi Karine, just a short feedback: The merino wool duvet I ordered after havin read your post is AMAZING. The best I ever had! I wouldn’t have had the idea of getting a woolen duvet cover- but I think that s exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately piglet in bed do not deliver to Germany/ France. Bon weekend! Nicole

  4. Love the makeover of Mila’s bedroom. I have a 10yo boy who is into surfing too and his room needs refresh, so great timing for inspiration.:) Thanks for sharing!

    May I ask where your t-shirt is from? Love it.

  5. KMP Furniture Blog says

    This is very cute. I love the palette of subtle colors and how bright everything is. Great job.

  6. Kaushal Dhawan says

    The way this room is designed and decorated is just remarkable, as the design is not so fashionable but really cool. One will really to live in this room. The color of the room is light which makes a calm environment to live in.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful images as well as the description.

  7. Caroline says

    Hi Karine, just thought I’d give you some feedback as I bought a bedding set for our bed from Piglet in Bed having read this post. I really did shop around but this brand seemed a good balance of quality and price – plus it had your seal of approval! Anyway, I totally love it! In fact I ended up buying for every bed in the house as they had 25% off last Friday. Only downside is it’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings now :)

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Caroline. I also got two more linen sets in dove grey and charcoal grey for our London house but my mum loved the dark grey so much that I think I will get one for her for Xmas.

      • Caroline says

        Yes I got the dark grey for my teenage son’s bedroom – he has a headboard in same colour so thought it would look really sumptuous. I’ve actually just got home to my delivery from them – it’s like Christmas, I love how they tie the bundles up with string… I’m such a sucker for nice packaging! :)

  8. This is just so beautiful, I love it. I really like the photos taped by her bed with coloured tape, I think my little Woody would love some family pics like this too.


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