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Bedroom with a view

Bedroom with a view

I had a real coup de coeur for this bedroom with a view, filled with natural light.

The separation wall was knocked down and replaced by these large windows. The result has increased the sense of space and make everything flow nicely.

This is the home of Danish Artist Gitte Svendsen.
On one side, there is the kitchen and artist’s studio and on the other side, the bedroom and a dining table by the window.Bedroom with a view

I’m planning to do something similar in Elodie’s new flat in Paris, between Lily‘s bedroom and the lounge to open up space and bring more natural light into her flat.

I think this is a beautiful example of what can be achieved, don’t you think?

I also love the mix of throws, rugs and wooden vintage furniture that add warmth and textures to the room.

I would be quite happy to hang out there for the day, wouldn’t you?

You can see more pictures here


  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    I think you’ll make a ggreat space from sound of it-I personally fancy a room/ window partition like this one – and being a kelim/ rug fan I also adore the textures and ‘lair’- like feeling of this room.. Homey! Go for it Karine:-)
    Hope you are okay .
    Bisou x

  2. Looks gorgeous to me. I love that it’s open to the next room. Probably makes the whole place feel a little bigger.

  3. once I found in the garbage 2 old factory window and planning to incorporate as a partition between bathroom and bedroom. So I like that Picture very much…and also the idea ;o)

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