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Birthday girl in white heaven…

Today, I’m turning 43 and I have to say that I’m happy…Not that it is my Birthday, I don’t really care (except when my family forgets about it but they didn’t…), no I’m happy because I feel good in my own skin and happy with what I have in my life.
I live with the love of my life who not only I think, is good-looking but has great taste and showered me with beautiful gifts this morning from Mont Blanc and COS.
I have a wonderful child who is becoming an amazing, funny and witty little person, a business that I’m passionate about.
I have friends that I have known for 25 years and others that I only met online but who are very much present in my daily life.
I have a first catalogue that received an Award early this week, a great team and people around me I enjoy working with.
I have still fire in my belly and the willingness to try things, take a risk and I have decided that I will make the most of what rest of my life.
Below is another home designed by my design hero Jacqueline Morabito…as usual, very beautiful and you can still get a few Morabito designs. 


  1. Happy Birthday my dear friend ;)
    I love to read you are feeling happy with what you have and have a little fire still burning inside… keep it all alive


  2. I got almost depressed when i got 40, but it´s good to reflect your life and realize how happy and lucky you are. So age doesn´t really matter and 40 is the new 30 ;O). Happy birthday and go on. Love your blog. Love from germany, Nadine

  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your comments have made me feel positive & thankful for what I have too.

  4. Sandell says

    Happy happy birthday to you. And to me too, who can report that life on the far side of 60 is just as sweet. Love your blog!

  5. Niki MyScandinavianHome says

    Happy birthday!!! Such a lovely post, I love this home, it’s so calm. And thank you for your continued inspiration!

  6. Anonymous says

    Let’s be original: Happy Birthday! I love reading your posts. Ta joie de vivre est énorme, toujours enthousiaste! Hope you spend a nice day!
    PS: What did you get as presents?

  7. Anonymous says

    Hello i am Darren Butt

    I enjoy reading your articles. I am looking forward to read more..

  8. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday!

    Votre blog est génial.
    Une petite pépite.
    Merci de nous faire rêver avec vos magnifiques photos.

  9. Silvina Soave says

    Preciosos ambientes, me encanta el estilo, bien simple y rústico! Saludos!

  10. A belated happy birthday! As long as you’re happy in love and are loved, and enjoy what you do day to day – then it doesn’t matter what age you are!. I’ll be celebrating a birthday in a couple of weeks too … and although the numbers keep changing each year, I still look forward to being with friends and family.


    Happy Birthday Karine, and congratulation on the award to you and the team, you guys deserve it for the good work you all do, and many more to come…nice beginning of the week.

  12. Chloe says

    What a beautiful post…Happy Belated Birthday! Long may it continue! Chloe X

  13. Chandan Poddar says

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