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Black kitchen units

I keep collecting images of kitchen with white units…different styles…a bit Deli looking, a bit industrial, often contemporary but always white and BAM! I see the above and I’m thinking..umm…black units, how you doin’?
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  1. If I had a kitchen with enough light to support black, I would definitely go for black cabinets!! (and this pic is amazing btw)
    Bonne semaine à toi!

  2. So lovely. Gorgeous! I’ve had this pic in my kitchen inspiration folder for a while.
    I love the ‘edge’ of this space.

  3. definitely a jaw dropping kitchen that could satisfy anyone´s desire, either for the pleasure of just looking at it or for well, cooking!.

    I also like the deli mood and specially love the organic feel of the long table and those wood and black chairs against the pristine white.

    ps. altough I wonder if its an easy maintenance kitchen with all that white….

  4. what a great kitchen. there’s enough white and wood to contrast beautifully with the black. love it.

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