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Black & white styling from the Makelight workshop

Black & white styling by

On Saturday, I attended a photography workshop run by Emily Quinton and what a treat it was.

I have meant to pick up my camera again for sometimes now but I was quite disappointed by the course I took last year at the London School of Photography and being too busy with the shop I put it off for another year.

Emily’s workshop was fantastic and was exactly what I needed to go back on the horse. It was in a lovely studio filled with natural light and she made everybody feel at ease. She talked us through her experience as a wedding Photographer and then about composition, where to find inspiration, styling and then onto the technical part and then how to edit our pictures and share them via social media. It was a very pleasant way of spending the day with some lovely people and I came out of it, excited to be friend with my camera again but most importantly with all my questions answered. I’m looking forward to attending her level 2 workshop.

Emily has also written a new book “Maker spaces” (out in April) which I’m really looking forward to seeing. You can pre-order it on Amazon but if you order it directly from Emily’s website here, you will get a beautiful, limited edition letterpress card designed and printed by one of the makers featured in the book.

Emily’s style is very floral, pastel and feminine but I still managed to find a few B&W props to come up with the styling above. I borrowed Emily’s Two Thousand Fifteen notebook designed by Marjolein Delhaas and her glasses. The small camera is by Miko Design and the big camera by Naked Lunge.


  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Your beautifully styled picture shows your natural flair- you make it look easy but that too must be a ‘Kong’ talent -so nice that you’ve enjoyed the course, now we can look fwd to even more of the great eye candy you produce:-)

  2. Thank you Lene…yes I think it was the missing link I needed. I’ve always relied on my brother to take beautiful shots while focusing on the styling but I’m glad I’m friend with my camera again

    Its part of my masterplan to live a more creative, calming live. I really want to go back to taking B&W portraits, hopefully Mila will accept to pose for me

  3. Thank you for such a beautiful review and such a gorgeous image. It was lovely to meet you in person at last and great to have you at the workshop. xx

  4. J_Sena says

    Thank you Lovely! I love your styling…LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    And I have just pre ordered Emily’s book “Maker spaces’ – I cant wait to get my hands on this.

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