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Blue house in France

I know some of you may have seen these pictures before (and for those who haven’t, you will find various links from different mags above under My Home but Photographer Michael Paul did such a fantastic job that Home Beautiful Australia decided to feature them over 10 pages…and I love how the magazine lay out the pages.
After all it’s the Summer on the other side of the pond so we can all hang on onto Summer memories a bit…
Personally I love this shot of Mimi on the beach holding her father’s hand and I was about to write that my Dad would be proud of seeing the tree hut he made out of bamboos but actually no – knowing my dad, he wouldn’t care :-)
Feel free to ask me any questions about it if you can’t read the article…I could write a bible about this house ;-)
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  1. I love this house! Wow. Love all the blues tones. The kitchen is perfect. This is just the kind of beach house I would adore.

  2. ofcourse I have seen some of the pictures… act. it was the first thing I saw from your blog ;) But seeing it all in such a long article is great.. The house and the style is truly amazing!
    It must be great to have a place like that in the sun where you are always welcome ;)

  3. I’m so captivated by the feel and details of your guest bathroom. I love the history of your beautiful narrow sink and it’s utilitarian simplicity. The tactile value of the space seems light and fun. The ease of using the soap on the rod is brilliant! Love the wood boards and the way the light is softened with your colors. What is your flooring? Did you place a mirror in the space?

    It is overall a beautifully well tailored space that is relaxed and casual. I love it!

    Congratulations on your article:)

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