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BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue D-7

Next Friday, our new catalogue will land on our UK customers doorsteps and I can’t wait to hear your reactions. I genuinely think it’s our best ever! 
In the past, I had to let go of things because we didn’t have the time or budget to shoot things the way I had envisioned them and that’s ok. It didn’t stop us from winning an amazing ECMOD Award last year with our first catalogue.
But when it comes to BODIE and FOU, I’m a perfectionist and I know it can be better, I knew we could be better and I’m really proud to say that this ONE is our best catalogue ever so a big thanks to my team: Sophie, Doryan, Francois and Nicky who designed it for us this year.
There isn’t a single spread I don’t like and I deliberately kept some pages and styling under wrap because I want you to be happily surprised with it.


If you live in the UK

If you’ve received our catalogue in the past and haven’t moved, then you will receive the new catalogue automatically.
If you’ve never received it, CLICK HERE to receive a copy.

If you live abroad
As a small, independent company, we can’t bear (yet) the costs of mailing the catalogue outside the UK but due to the large number of requests, we’ve decided to try something new…
This year, we will make our catalogue available to int’l customers at £0. All we ask you to do is to cover the costs of shipping.
In order to make it fair and affordable to everyone, we’ve worked out an average shipping price to ship our catalogue to customers based in Europe but also to those who live on the other side of the world like Australia, New-Zealand and Japan. So if you wish to order one, click HERE
Any questions, comments, let me know xoxo


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