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BODIE and FOU VIPP Blogger Styling competition: PLEASE VOTE

As you know from my Instagram feed, as part of our pop-up store at the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen, we had a blogger styling competition and it was a really fun event! With its polished concrete tiles, white and dark grey walls, beautiful kitchen and bathroom equipment and natural light flowing, the Vipp store was the perfect venue.
12 International talented bloggers, 4 teams, 4 stations to style: 2 kitchens, 1 dining table, 1 bathroom, 30 min to style each station. They could use anything in the shop (and they did!).
Now the winning team is the team gathering the most likes on their InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, Facebook and blogs and they need your help!
Below is a sneak-peek of what all the teams have done. I’ve linked their Instagram feed to their first name so go on, discover all their very inspiring feeds and vote for as many photos from the styling competition as you wish. You can view all the images from the Blogger Styling competition on Instagram hashtag #bodieandfouvipp and I’ve linked everyone’s Instagram to their first name.

Team 1: Rikke from That Nordic Feeling and Malene from Boligcious

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

Team 2: Gudy from Eclectic TrendsZsuzsi from PanyizsuzsiHege from Hege in France

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

Team 3: Alan from Bungalow5 and Mette, Camilla and Tatiana from Homesick
BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition
Team 4: Mia from Design PillGitte from Objets and Use Marie-Louise from Miss Design Says

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

BODIE and FOU Vipp Styling Competition

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