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BODIE and FOU Voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAY

Trop coooool!!!!
I’ve just found out that BODIE and FOU have been voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAY
I always get super excited when we get featured in Elle Decoration Norway because… well, it’s Elle Deco (!!) and secondly because my great grand-father was Norwegian.
At least it was the story that my dad told me until I was 16 “your grand-dad was a sailor, blabla…Köng comes from Koening meaning King, blablabla” and in fact, knowing that the Viking spirit was running in my blood gave me some kind of pride and a great answer to all the stupid boys at school who thought they were hilarious when they were calling me King-Kong.
And then at the age of 16, my dad told me that actually he wasn’t sure and my great grand-dad may have been from Switzerland….
What!? So not only I’m no longer the daughter of a Viking but now it seems that the grand-dad was a bit of slapper with wives in every port from Norway to Switzerland…great!
To this day, I have no idea where the name comes from but I shall stick to my Viking story!
Big thank you to ELLE DECORATION NORWAY for this but also thank you to Helene Bye for featuring our Gaivota rocking chair in their December issue as Editorial’s favourites!


  1. Waheee That is so great and what a lovely story! My great grandfather was a sailor too…. as they told me! Must why we love the free spirit ;)

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