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Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Indulging in breakfast in bed this morning because I have a really busy week ahead and I need to quiet my mind to avoid giving into stress and panic.

I’m off to Paris on Wednesday for a very exciting project dear to my heart.
I’m going to photograph 20 women wearing a beautiful fashion collection over two days.
Then Saturday, I’m photographing two more clients and will head to London next Monday.

To add to the positive things, I’m kicking off week #4 of my sugar detox with the last slice of gluten-free, sugar-free banana cake I made over the weekend (recipe here).

I found that baking a banana cake is the best way to use those dark, ripped bananas that the kids won’t eat.
I like mine with some natural goat milk yoghurt but Mila loves warming it up and adding some butter on top.

However, one thing that I learnt this weekend is that sugar-free or not, if a cake is available in the pantry I will eat it so next time, I will freeze half of the loaf to have it for another time.

For those who asked, the lovely plate is from the Artisan collection by The White Company

Wishing you a lovely week xoxo


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  1. Caroline says

    What a coincidence, I’ve just been staring at the big box of bananas that didn’t get eaten last week and have started to go brown… so I shall use your recipe!

    I hope your busy week goes well, safe travels. I just got home from a work trip to Paris last night, attending MO, and am having a slow morning to get myself ready to deal with all the emails that will have stacked up in my absence, it always makes me feel so anxious :/

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