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We are off to France tomorrow afternoon.
A part of me is super excited because my sister and best-friend are both coming down to spend a few days with us at the beach (+ Côté Ouest magazine is coming to shoot the house). The other part is disappointed that I will not be able to attend Will’s book launch of Bright Bazaar.
I know it’s going to be packed and I really wish I could be there so this is for Will and to show him I’m thinking of him.


I started reading Bright Bazaar around 2011 and while Will’s posts, his home and tastes are waaay more colourful than mine, I’ve always loved the sense of positivity and happiness they have but more than anything I love the guy behind Bright Bazaar.
Back then, Will was only 24 years old and I say only because you could see from his posts, that there were already a huge amount of talent brewing there already. I felt he was like a meteorite in motion in the blogosphere and big things would happen for him. It was obvious even back then!
I remember him vividly interviewing Holly Becker when she launched her first book at Anthropologie and thinking to myself “You’re SO the next one with a book deal”.
Will always went the extra mile, doing things differently, creatively speaking.
The video to announce his book was fantastic!
His weekly 10 things I learnt and loved this weekend are fab.
His snapshots from his travels are inspiring so is his book any good?! hahaha of course it is.



Warm, kind, respectful, funny, humble, Will is the same online and offline and when I think of him, there is two things that comes to mind…

The first one is what I wrote this morning on Instagram: “There is room for everyone, no need to copy, steal, just be yourself, tap into your creativity and be the best” and this one which we see regularly on Pinterest “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up”.
Yes there is talent but there is also consistency and hard work and knowing what it takes to create a brand from scratch with no backers or investors, just hard-work, passion and vision, I’m over the moon for Will because he deserves all the good things that are coming his way.

So my post doesn’t tell you a lot about his book, does it!? And it feels more like a Will’s review than a book review hahaha
The thing is if you are a budding designer or if you have kids at Uni, I really want you to get how inspiring this guy is.
As a blogger, as a Creative and as a human being and because of his age, I think it’s always good to show the new and old generation a good role model and Will is one of them.

Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make You Smile Style is out now
The UK book launch is tomorrow at West Elm and Will will then embark on the US Book tour in May. Give him a big kiss for me tomorrow ;-)

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  1. Thank you so much for such a generous and supportive post. I really am touched by your kind words. To read this from a strong, successful and admirable woman like yourself means a lot. All the best with your shoot in France – I know it will look great! x

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