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Camerich contemporary sofa collection

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

Stylish and contemporary sofas by CamerichI first discovered Camerich sofas when I stumbled across their beautiful shop with brick walls in Islington on St John street (north London) a few years ago, shortly after we had purchased our Ghost sofa for our home in London and since then, I have kept an eye on them.

Camerich offer a beautiful collection of contemporary sofas and a generous choice of 67 beautiful fabrics and 21 leathers so you are bound to find one you love and personally I think, there are one of the nicest high-street brands when it comes to simply, well-designed, contemporary sofas.

Contempory design is tricky to achieve and what really ticks my box with the Camerich collection, is the attention to details like the choice of fabrics they have in beautiful hues of greys, browns, whites (there is some colour ones too), the various, generous modern shapes and the design of the legs which, in fact, is next on my list, once the sofa has met my shape, comfort and price requirements, like the Alison large corner sofa (above): £2,471

The same way, we can always judge a man by his shoes (and apparently, 64% of us women do this!), I really pay attention the design of the legs when I choose a chair, a bed or a sofa.
Very often, I come across some gorgeous, contemporary sofas, then I look down and the legs just scream “cheap!” 
It’s a bit like having a guy looking sharp in a nice Hugo Boss suit, wearing the wrong loafers.

If you are going down the high-street road when it comes to buying a sofa, it is the small details like the legs, the fabric, the shape that will make a difference between a stylish investment piece which you will treasure for years to come and something, you will loathe a few years later.

So here is some of my favourite, contemporary sofas from Camerich:

The Lazytime large corner sofa: £3,283

Stylish and contemporary sofas by CamerichThe Lazytime Four seat sofa: £1,971

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

The Lazytime small corner sofa: £2,907 Stylish and contemporary sofas by CamerichI’ve only featured the family size sofas which are the ones I covet but if you are short for space, Camerich has a great collection of two seat sofas like The Jane and showrooms all around London. Photography by Camerich and posted in partnership, all views my own.

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