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5 Things I Want Right Now in the Sale

5 Things I Want Right Now!

I had two things on my wish list for a long long time and when I saw they were both on sale, my heart skipped a beat! The first one was this gorgeous leopard clutch (30% OFF) by Clare Vivier which I saw in a Steven Alan shop in San-Francisco and then spent my jetlagged evening trying to find it cheaper online. I didn’t… So I ended up buying this gorgeous white dress, which is now sold out but this one is at 50% OFF. I also love this openwork panel dress sadly not in the sale but as it is from Mango, it remains affordable. And then, THE cabas by Vanessa Bruno. I’ve always thought, comes the right time, that I would get the brown linen cabas but last time I went to Hossegor, I saw the nude version in a shop and fell in love with it. It is now 40% OFF so BAM! Here is my first sale purchase, well technically my second because I also grabbed a pair of slimming leggings to run from Mango at 50% OFF but running gear doesn’t count, …

Summer staples: 5 Things I Want Right Now

5 Things I want right now!

As I’m writing this, my poor body is aching from yesterday’s surfing. Yet, I had such a ball… Carrying my board to the beach strapped in a tight wetsuit was all worthwhile when I stood up and took a few waves. Forgetting my swimsuit on Wednesday turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it was only three of us on Thursday (instead of 40 kids) and all women 35+ with the same desire to learn and have fun. It was so awesome that I’m very much looking forward to go out in the ocean again this weekend, once my body has recovered a bit.

5 Things I Want Right Now!

5 Things I Want Right Now!

Aren’t you getting excited by the upcoming nice weather, evenings drinking prosecco with friends and weekends at the beach? Oh yeah! I’m SO ready! I’m off to Barcelona next Friday and I’m hoping my new swimsuit will arrive on time! In the meantime, here are my favourite things this week, enjoy!

5 Things You Want Right Now for a sunny weekend

5 Things You Want Right Now!

We are off near Cap-Breton to stay with some friends and I’m very excited to spend the weekend with people I love and to spend more time in this area which is the next best thing after the Bay of Arcachon ;-) so here is another nice outfit for a sunny weekend!

5 Things I want Right Now for Summer

5 Things I Want Right Now!

Yesterday temperatures (36 degrees in the sun) reminded me that the bikini season is upon us so here are 5 Summer essentials for you (you will thank me later!)…

5 things You Want Right Now!

5 Things I Want Right Now!

So excited by the Bank Holiday weekend! We’re off to Chez Juliette tonight at the beach before heading to Paris on Saturday morning for the weekend. How about you?? Any nice plans for the long weekend?

5 Things you Want Right Now! Biker jacket & Isabel Marant ballet flats

5 Things I Want right Now!

I apologise. I haven’t been very active on the blog this week but this week in London has been pretty full on with client meetings and catching up with friends in the evening but it has been fantastic and to top it all, I found out yesterday that Airbnb (who I worked for last year during their conference in Paris) is flying me off to San-Francisco in a couple of weeks to attend another conference so needless to say that I’m over the moon!

5 Things I Want Right Now! Military jacket & Gucci bag

5 Things I Want Right Now!

I feel I’m going to say this every first of the month but I can’t believe it’s already April! These last three months have been over in a flash so we better make the most of every day guys! I’m so loving this look…