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10 of the best oversized mirrors

15 of the best oversized mirrors

I’m currently planning a long-overdue refurbishment of the bathroom in our holiday home in France (see my bathroom board) and lately, I have been obsessing with oversized round mirrors. I was very happy with the minimalist look of the bathroom cabinet we got for our tadelakt bathroom in our London home, which would you believe, is from Ikea. I was even thinking of using it again for the French project as it ticked several of my boxes. Its design is simple, minimalist, yet spacious enough to host all our toiletries. The price is good too although this slimline cabinet (similar in look) from a bathroom specialist, comes in 3 finishes, an option that can be useful for some. Then Pinterest, happened… source: Sarah Sherman Samuel “An oversized mirror is a simple item that will make any of your rooms at home, look bigger, chic and stylish” From bathrooms, to bedrooms, hallways and even lounges, any room with an oversized mirror like this metal frame oversized mirror (1), simply looked really stylish and striking. A design feature also spotted in the Casa Cook hotel in Rhodes, whose …

How to get the look: 5 bathrooms with black floor tiles

5 Bathrooms with black floor tiles

I promise myself to take the time to refurbish the bathroom in our holiday home this year and while the promise of a new bathroom sounds really exciting (I love our tadelakt bathroom), I feel the actual planning and realisation is going to be a real headache this time.

The small but gorgeous flat of Agathe Perroy

The small but gorgeous flat of Agathe Perroy

I love discovering small spaces, cleverly designed and this small flat (42 m2) is a perfect example of what can be achieve in a small space. I first read about this flat in 2009 and while I have the memory of a gold fish for most mundane things, when it comes to interiors, my brain seems to file things in a funny way and remembers very old stuff. So when I started working on this new interior design project, somehow I kept thinking about the bathroom fitted by Agathe Perroy in her flat. When Agathe visited the building for the first time, it was split in two small flats, one on the ground floor and the other one on the top floor of a small nineteenth century house in very bad state but full of charm. Being an Interior Designer, Agathe worked out how to link these two spaces to create one inviting home. She first started to knock down a few partition walls and removed the false ceiling to gain more height. Luckily, this unrevealed perfectly preserved oak beams which she …

Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Read on

Our tadelakt bathroom

One of the projects I most proud of out of all the things we achieved with our house renovations (loft conversion, new kitchen, the resin floor) is our Tadelakt bathroom. It’s a material I have been wanted to use for years because it looks and feels like polished concrete and the results achieved really exceeded my expectations. If you’re not familiar with this material, Tadelakt is a unique waterproof plaster finish originally from ancient Morocco. It was initially used by the Berbers to waterproof earthen cisterns for the hygienic storage of drinking water and later on, it was used to decorate exterior façades, manufacture small drinking vessels. If you’ve been to Morocco, you’ve probably seen it in public bathing houses and bathrooms. The thing I love the most about Tadelakt is, how smooth it feels. While we used gorgeous grey tiles from Castelnau Tiles in the new loft conversion, I was eager to try something different to achieve a clean, contemporary look with our master bathroom.Following your feedback on Instagram, I have put a few details but if you have any questions, just leave a …

Bathroom in loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

Loft conversion renovations, part 1

  When we started our major renovations in our London home, the first big project we tackled was the loft conversion to create a double-bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Once this new room was finished, we pretty much moved in and camped there for about 7 months while the builders were working their way down through the second floor to create a new room where the terrace was, then the first floor where we raised the floorboards and finally to the ground floor where we replaced the tiles and floorboards by a resin floor and fitted a new kitchen. You can see more photos on Instagram under #bodieandfourenovations.

5 sleek, modern bathrooms & mirrors

Now that our loft conversion is finished and I found this very cool bathroom mirror, I’m tackling our master bathroom, which is going to be white, minimalist with a resin floor. For the basin, I’ve ordered a beautiful basin designed by Antonio Lupi similar to this one. Taps: I’m looking at Vola or the taps designed by Antonio Lupi (subject to costs) Bathroom mirror:  I haven’t yet decided but the Pebble Grey bathroom mirrors may well do the trick as they have an interesting collection of cabinet mirrors. I just need to work out if our bathroom mirror can be fitted into the wall rather than wall-mounted as Elisabeth did for her bathroom. Door onto the balcony: I think Steve is looking at something like this on a smaller scale. In the meantime, here are a few looks I really love… I really like the design of this wall-mounted storage unit that combines style and practicality. It’s a feature in itself and looks fabulous and striking. If you are after an industrial feel, check out this wall-mounted clothes …

The perfect mirror..

Our loft conversion with en-suite bathroom is almost finished (give ot take a door & radiators to install). You can see some photos I posted here and here before going on holidays or search for hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram to see the whole project. The whole house is a building site and Steve and I are literally camping in this new room (LOVE the view!) but I think, we are managing the disruptions pretty well.We have the basics covered!We can shower (LOVE the new shower & our tiles) and we’ve added a mini fridge in one corner so I can carry on doing smoothies for my healthy challenge.One thing that has bugged me since the beginning of this project was finding a cool, nice mirror.I wanted something a bit more special than a straight rectangular one and I’ve finally found the one I want which will also be part of our AW/2014 collection.What do you think? I think it has a very cool, Scandi design and the shelf below will be just perfect to display my favourite cosmetics. …

A bathroom with a polished concrete floor

A bathroom with a polished concrete floor

I’ve dreamt about this bathroom since this post on three bathrooms using concrete and I’m very grateful to Elisabeth for answering all my questions. I always feel that it is great to see inspiring bathrooms on Pinterest but sometimes, it is even better to really know how the Homeowners did their renovation projects, what material they used and what challenges they encountered. Given that I love this bathroom, I had a lot of questions to ask… BODIE and FOU: Was your bathroom a renovation project or built from scratch as part of a new building? Elisabeth Heier: It was a renovation project. We bought the house a year ago and when planning the bathroom, I realised it was far too small for a family with young children so we increased the space by taking a little bit from the rooms next to the bathroom. I changed the layout completely and designed a modern bathroom that now suits us perfectly. To bring in more light we installed the skylights over the bathtub. What is the surface …