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3 beautiful bathrooms using concrete

Since my last post last April, I have to admit that our bathroom is still very much looking like a war zone but we are making progress with our plans. As the bathroom is just one part of our renovation projects, I’m sure you know that it’s best to tackle everything at once to keep the budget under control rather than one room at the time. On other hand, it gives me enough time to clear our home and put more things on Ebay while deciding on the look I want to achieve.

Are you interested in my bathroom renovation project ?

Despite feeling upbeat at breakfast time when the sun was out, by the time I came back from the cinema with Mila this morning, it was clear that I had caught a bug.So instead of spending the afternoon doing a bit of DIY to freshen up our pallet coffee table, I’m now in bed trying to drink lots of water, eating fruits to bring my immune system back to normal…. and I’m working on our bathroom renovation project.I was planning to share my renovation project and tips with you on the blog because tackling the renovation of a bathroom is not the easiest project but at the same time, between putting the BODIE and FOU catalogue, running the business, freelance styling & other cool writing projects, it’s becoming a challenge to find the time and motivation to spend two hours writing an article when no-one seems to find the time to leave any comment. So rather than waste any more time, I thought I would ask you directly whether you would like me to share the renovation of our bathroom …

Vipp Giveaway | Win £260 worth of Vipp bathroom accessories

I had an amazing time in Copenhagen last weekend (you can see some of my photos on Instagram) and I still have a couple of posts in the pipeline about things I’ve seen. However I really wanted to share with you this fabulous giveaway with Vipp to start the week on a high note and give you the chance to win one Vipp13 pedal bin and one Vipp soap dispenser in the colour of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment to say what you love about Vipp, become a fan of BODIE and FOU on Facebook and share the competition with your Facebook friends by the end of this week (22/03/2013). Good luck!

A Costa Brava home with a view & an amazing bathroom!

I had to show you this home near Caraques in Costa Brava because there were too many things that caught my eye… First the view… How wonderful it must be to wake up every morning to see that kind of scenery – I’m definitively not living in the right country!  I also love the sight of the iconic AA Butterfly chair – which will be very soon available from BODIE and FOU.  I’m loving the concrete kitchen worktop although I’m not much of a fan of the heavy wooden counter with the lights above. You either keep the heavy wooden counter and contrast it with white, contemporary lights like these simple pendant lights by Kathleen Hills I used in our kitchen in France or change the counter for something lighter. However, massive thumb up for the blue tiled bathroom. It is simply beautiful and perfect for the location and I love how they’ve created outdoor corner around each side of the house – perfect! (C) Marie-Claire Maison Il fallait que je vous montre cette maison près de Caraques sur …


This is a great example of the type of bathrooms I have in mind for our home in London and France….What do you think? via Gasoline surf

I like this…

In fact…I love how this whole dark, industrial look is softened by the reclaimed wood separation. I was planning to paint our bathroom in grey (soft grey says Steve…) to take it out of its 80s time zone and I think it’s a good example for a revamp.Sur ce mes petits, I wish you a lovely evening! (C) Bathroom from Paula Leen. See the rest of her home here