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BODIE and FOU the shop, news 2016

BODIE and FOU 2.0 | news & updates

I kind of mentioned it on Instagram in an unofficial way but as the press release has now been sent out and it is now official news, I can finally share with you all the exciting plans for the BODIE and FOU shop. Read on…   PRESS RELEASE – JANUARY 2016 “Following ten innovative and successful years at the helm of the Award Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU, Owner, Founder and Creative Director Karine Kong is stepping down as Managing Director. Karine will be focusing her creative energies and retail and social expertise into an array of lifestyle and commercial projects beginning in 2016 under the BODIE and FOU brand name, with a dedicated readership and social following of over 100,000 design and lifestyle devotees. The e-comm concept store at will continue trading under the new direction of retailer Paul Wells. Paul brings a decade of retail experience to the brand following roles at successful multinational retailers, luxury lifestyle brands and boutique interiors stores. The new collections at BODIE and FOU, beginning with the launch of Spring ’16 will …

My first video...this cracked me up so much

My first video #workinprogress

Coming soon to a blog near you….or not! #bodieandfouvideos OK so besides my 4 feel-good things to achieve in 2016, one of the things that I challenged myself to do this year was to make more videos and take my own photos. This is not going well and it’s defo #workinprogress but it was good fun! :–))))) Hope you enjoy it as much as we did here ;-) bises

5 tips to curate your Pinterest

Here is my first exciting 2016 new project + a Pinterest tutorial for you with 5 useful tips you need to implement right now… Do you remember last year I said I would be working on new creative projects this year!? This is it! Following 10 years of experience, building and raising international awareness on the BODIE and FOU brand, organising brand collaborations with iconic brands like Vipp, The Simple Things magazine in the UK and France and as a Social Media Expert at the Airbnb Conference, I have been working these past few months, on a series of social media and styling workshops. These workshops will be designed to help independent concept stores and small Designers to achieve organic growth, to gain PR in national and international magazines below and above-the-line like we did for BODIE and FOU, to increase brand awareness, sales and to help you to find your voice through a series of social media and styling workshops so you can connect with your customers. The first workshops will take place in France and London from …

BODIE and FOU Survey monkey. I would be hugely grateful if you could answer this survey: 3 min max.

Reader survey | Please tell me…

While it is a lot of work, I’m truly enjoying the creative process and the interaction social media provides and out of everything I’m on: the blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, IG and the blog are by far my favourite. Both are very visuals but the thing that does it for me, is the exchange, connection and