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How to style your bedroom for the Summer in no time

As the lovely Kate from Katie & The Kids bought our Ikea bed of me on Instagram, I re-arranged a few things to freshen up the look of our bedroom and bring a Summer vibe into…Did you notice how changing/re-arranging just a few things can make you feel hugely better!? I feel I have a new bedroom…. Here are 6 tips to style up your bedroom for the Summer in no time. ✔️ Move things around: I do this regularly and it’s a great way to freshen up the look of your home at no extra cost. I swapped the white stool bought in Amsterdam a few years ago for this wooden stool which was in our lounge (this one is also a nice and a more affordable alternative). ✔️ Upgrade your bed linens with summery colours: In Summer time, I love using white & blue touches throughout the house. It reminds me of our holidays in our home in France by the Bay of Arcachon. As you know, I’m a big fan of stonewashed linens and since it’s my birthday on Sunday, I treated myself to this soft Summer …


Sometimes, Mila (9 years old) gets worried about my age. She doesn’t think I’m old or look old, she thinks the number is old… Mila: “…mamaaaan, I don’t like you being 40” Me: “yes I know but that’s ok…I mean technically I’m 44” Mila: “Yes I know but I don’t like it! Can’t you be…30 for instance?” Me: “:-) yes if you want…I’m 30 in my head anyway..” Mila: “Ok…let’s say you’re 34” Me: “ok cool, let’s do that. What about papa? What age shall we give him?” Mila: “Umm…46?” (he is turning 47 this year) Me: “Really? You want me to be with someone older than me”* Mila: “OK…44” Mwouahahaha * For the records, I dont have an issue with it.