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Amsterdam print from Read on

Amsterdam & Melbourne prints

Following the launch of our debut print collection at the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen, I’m excited to announce the launch of a few new prints: the AMSTERDAM print and the MELBOURNE print. We also have a new stockist in Belgium! I’m really excited because Couleur Locale is one of my favourite shops and I love their collection. If you wish to become a stockist, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] xoxo  


When it comes to decorating, I think it’s very liberating to allow yourself to think outside the box.I used this pretty owl vase mostly as a pen holder and until recently this stool was the perfect side table to have by my sofa.My inspiration for the shot above was a coffee table made out of African stools spotted in an old Living Etc issue (circa 1998). Unfortunately I can not check the credits any longer as I threw away lots of magazines when we moved from Bristol back to London but I’m pretty sure it was a Dutch house.In all these years searching for similar stools, I only came across dark African stools or lighter ones that cost an arm until I used this wooden stool.What do you think? Would you mind sharing what ‘outside the box thinking’ you’ve done at home with your decoration?I’m also very excited that the God of Design aka Philippe Starck has chosen 20 of this stool to decorate his new MAMA SHELTER in Istambul. How cool is that!!?? I wish I …

Rocking the Industrial vibe…

 If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few behind-the-scene shots! This week, I styled new things from our Industrial Chic collection and I had a ball because there is nothing else more inspiring than styling products you really love.And I love this clothes rail and this new stool!The Form table (pic 2 & 3) is now sold out but will be back in stock end of June. The Rock Flag print is from here and the Bell pendant light is a new light from Normann (be careful the large model is actually huge!)What do you think?  // Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

I would love to get your feedback on our latest catalogue

Here is my latest baby…A small yet beautiful, inspiring catalogue, packed with styling & decorative ideas to show you how to create inspiring, welcoming and beautiful family homes (you can view it on issuu here).While it’s lot of hard work to put something like this together (and it costs an arm!), I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and it’s quite amazing after months of hard work for us to hold a print copy in our hands (no it doesn’t break my heart when you want to be taken off our list…#just a little #ItTotallyBreaksMyHeart #labouroflove #justkidding).We won an Award with our first catalogue but I’m specially proud of this one because this time, I was able to style everything so there isn’t a single spread I don’t like but I have my favourites…OK.. I’m in love with our NATURALS // moodboard on page 4 & 5, it’s a collection that I sourced when I went to Paris at the beginning of the year and that really inspired me.Unfortunately, one of these gorgeous chopping boards is already sold out …

In the shop this week: the STAR necklace

Yesterday I was asked to share with TIME OUT the things I would love to have for Mother’s Day and amongst the things I mentioned was this lovely Star necklace…I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but when I do, I like my jewellery to be simple and feminine and most of the time, I wear mine on simple, white v-neck cotton t-shirt or a black, grey cashmere jumper..nothing fancy but it works for me. I don’t really do bling-bling.The thing I love about this Star necklace is that it would also make a lovely little present for Mila (7 years old) and my niece Lily (9 years old) and it is kind of jewellery that Elodie and I wear anyway so I quite like the mother/daughter thing about this necklace…What about you? Do you share jewellery with your daughter? Did you get her something that you got for yourself in the past? Would love to hear your mother/daughter experiences…Bises

A sneak-peek of the House Doctor collection on BODIE and FOU

I’m SO excited…A few weeks ago, Sophie & I started working on the BODIE and FOU SS/2013 collection and mail order catalogue* and both are going to be very beautiful and very inspiring! I can’t wait to show you all the beautiful things I’ve found but we need to style/shoot first and I also need to go to Paris in Jan. to finish sourcing everything I want.In the meantime, I thought it would be a nice way of ending, what has been a very busy year, with a little sneak-peek of the House Doctor goodies we will have in our 2013 collection.The great news is that our lovely Have a seat stool will be available in light grey (you can pre-order it now) and this beautiful FORM table will be on display in our new showroom at the end of January.I have been lusting after these metal suitcases for a kids bedroom for a while so I’m glad to see them in nice soft hues. *make sure you request a copy here

BODIE and FOU Voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAY

Trop coooool!!!!I’ve just found out that BODIE and FOU have been voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAYI always get super excited when we get featured in Elle Decoration Norway because… well, it’s Elle Deco (!!) and secondly because my great grand-father was Norwegian.At least it was the story that my dad told me until I was 16 “your grand-dad was a sailor, blabla…Köng comes from Koening meaning King, blablabla” and in fact, knowing that the Viking spirit was running in my blood gave me some kind of pride and a great answer to all the stupid boys at school who thought they were hilarious when they were calling me King-Kong.And then at the age of 16, my dad told me that actually he wasn’t sure and my great grand-dad may have been from Switzerland….What!? So not only I’m no longer the daughter of a Viking but now it seems that the grand-dad was a bit of slapper with wives in every port from Norway to Switzerland…great!To this day, I have no idea where the …

The BODIE and FOU Autumn catalogue has landed

Wow…it has been very busy today!I was planning to show you Mila’s bedroom update but I will do it over the weekend.Between our VIP Enews that went out yesterday and our BODIE and FOU Autumn catalogue* that landed on our customers’ doorsteps today, it has been totally mad!We have packed so many order for our beautiful linen collection to send all over the place, it’s insane! but it makes me really really happy because its success means that we will be able to have more colours in our Spring/Summer collection.I already have the styling in mind and I can’t wait to start working on a few kids rooms (watch out for the Spring/Summer 2013 catalogue!)Last but but not least (bear with me…this is my “Award-winning” kind of thank you speech…), I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart, our hard-working, passionate and dedicated little team especially Sophie who masters catalogue production & deadlines like no-one, Francois for his amazing photos and Doryan who recently joined us and has been very busy with the new collection and …