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12 very cool black & white gifts which is basically everything I want

12 super cool B&W gifts

Here are my favourite B&W gifts, things I really want, things I don’t need but I still really want, things I already have but if I hadn’t, I still would really want them!   1. London print | 2. this black notebook to keep track of all my ideas | 3. I have more than one of these paper bags in our home but they are SO good! | 4. my Xmas present (oui oui): the Isabel Marant watch | 5. always a few rolls of masking tapes, preferably black & graphic (they are great stocking fillers) | 6. ANYTHING from Aesop so we are clear | 7. this gorgeous flat clutch by Clare Vivier | 8. totally digging this marble chopping board | 9. any scented candles from Hush | 10. these boots from Isabel Marant | 11. this Michael Kors black watch because I still love it a lot | 12. a book by my favourite Photographer Peter Lindberg

BODIE and FOU Gift Guide | Favourite B&W prints

Not quite Santa yet but I feel I have became a bit of a Xmas shopping expert :-)As my in-laws live all in New-Zealand and a few of my friends have moved to Australia, I appreciate how tricky/heavy/stressful/inconvenient (pick the one you want) packing gifts in your suitcase when you head back home for Xmas can beI once had the brilliant idea to ship all our gifts to New-Zealand before we arrived to Auckland…I can’t tell you how painful it was when I saw how much shipping had been so I’ve learnt my lesson.If you’re still stuck with gift ideas, let me tell you something: Art prints & posters are the best gifts you can getPrints are light to pack which means low cost international shipping for you. On BODIE and FOU, you can order up to 1,2, 3 or 4 prints at once, the maximum shipping rates for a parcel going on the other side of the world will be between £8.50 to £22.50 (that’s £5.62 P&P per print) and I know looking at the number of prints …