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Mila's bedroom. © Photography: François Köng, Styling: Karine Köng || All rights reserved

Create a pretty French kids’ bedroom on a budget

I recently updated Mila’s bedroom which you can now see in our catalogue (on issuu here), and made a few changes to show you how to create a French style kids bedroom for very little money I think. Stylish French homes love grays and the ones I mostly use at home, are from Farrow & Ball. When we moved in three years ago, the first thing I did, was to paint all the floorboards and the walls in white (except the one behind her bed which I painted in Down Pipe). To soften the whole look, I then painted her wardrobe in light gray. I can’t remember whether I used Pavilion Gray or Lamp room Gray because I used gray in our bedroom at the same time but it doesn’t really matter as you should always get a a few samples first to try different grays on your walls and see how they look in your room at different times of the day. Then I created little vignettes in each corner of her room. Needless to say that her choice of toys (bright pink and …

Mila's bedroom. © Photography: François Köng, Styling: Karine Köng || All rights reserved

Mila’s little bedroom revamp…

A few weeks, Mila asked for more pink in her bedroom so I decided to add soft touches to her room by painting her old white desk and chair.

How to use dark grey in a kids bedroom

Mila’s bedroom

I’m often asked what colour I used in Mila’s bedroom and now that the handmade Pigmée collection is back in stock, I thought I would share again these details as some of you may have missed my previous posts. {GET THE LOOK} – I painted only one wall in Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball and painted the other three bright white to keep the room light. – It took me ages to find a contemporary, affordable bed for Mila and in the end, I got hers from Ikea but since then, I discovered COSATTO. – The light grey linen duvet cover is from here and exists in double size too. – I also used the lovely Pigmée garland to soften the look of the wall.  – The “You are Loved” sticker used to be on BODIE and FOU but is now sold out. However, if you wish to achieve a similar look with any of these wall stickers and add one of your family photo. Voila! If you have any questions, just leave a comment…well even if you don’t have …

Soft pinks at home

I’m not a huge fan of the way toys companies or interiors companies produce and market all their products in pink for girls and blue for boys, especially the ones with Barbie, Bob The Builder themed etc…I think given the chance, kids have far more to offer than a life through pink and blue glasses just because of their gender.Saying that, as a mother I can’t deny that a lot of little girls are going through a “pink if not Princess’ phase at some point in their lives. Mila did and believe me it was not something I encouraged!!A couple of years ago I posted two articles “Pink, pink you stink”  and Pink for grown-ups here) that gave advices on how to decorate a little girl bedroom with soft, touches of pink. I think the best way to do this, is to stay clear from the bright Barbie pink and go for vintage pink – a softer colour which goes very well with soft, light grey. So here are three of my favourite pink home accessories …

Mima Le Chat

Sometimes, you just get very very good days where everything is just working together and today was one of those for us at B&F.  Sophie and our creative team are putting together an amazing mail order catalogue and I can’t wait to show you the end result. I really hope this is going to be a success because if it’s not, I’m not sure we will be in a position to produce another one as it is incredibly expensive to produce but we will cross that bridge when we come to it…. We also received the Mima Le Chat print (featured below in the minx’s bedroom with her new shooooees bought by her papa), the Bat print and Le Chat print and I frankly love them all! I got samples last month to shoot them for our catalogue and framed them all in Ikea’s white RIBBA frame. Next to each other they look stunning.  In the end, Mila selected Mima for her bedroom and I put Le Chat above our family mood board in the …

Tu joues ou tu ranges??

This weekend, we are tidying up… Me: “Mila, you’re playing or you’re tidying!?” Mila: “erm, well I’m playing” Me: “Yeah I see that but we said we would be tidying up your bedroom” Mila: “well that’s too bad, because I’m very busy right now, I’ll do it later” (C) bodieandfou, Friends of Violet poster Ce weekend, on range…. Me: “Mila, tu joues ou tu ranges!?” Mila: “ben je joue!” Me: “Oui je vois mais on avait dit qu’on allait ranger ta chambre” Mila: “c’est pas grave parce que la je suis tres occupee, je le ferais plus tard”

Life with Mila…

is wonderful, fun and full of love…I have the memory of a goldfish but she has the memory of an elephant and will remember things we told her 6 months ago. I hope she remembers her childhood as happy and full of love. One evening Steve and I went out and here is what we found on Mila’s door when we came back…My heart sank…in a good way :-) (C) Francois Kong, Bird clothes pegs to display Mila’s drawings from here

DIY project: Little foot prints

Not that I would like to do this right now on my pristine white stairs but I really like the idea for a kid bedroom and it’s an easy little project to do to add a personal touch to your home. Sources: Allt I Hemmet, Levis via Liberty Deco