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Personal handmade gifts for the people you love

Personal gifts for people you love

I really like the idea of giving handmade gifts to loved ones. The problem with handmade gifts is that first, you need to have the time to make them. Second, you need to be fairly creative or good at something to come up with something that will look really stylish and not looking as if it has been done by a five years old. I’ve made a few scented candles this month but they are more like little tokens of love rather than proper gifts. I didn’t have time to craft anything so I decided to offer my friend Perrine, one of the photos I took of her when we did this photoshoot. Now… I don’t have the presumption to assume that anyone receiving one of my photos is going to say “wow” out of excitement but last time I saw Perrine, she told me that the photoshoot really boosted her confidence and made her re-connect with the person she was a few years ago. This really strokes a chord with me. I have know Perrine since …

10 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping to inspire you

10 beautiful Xmas gift wrapping to inspire you

Since my last post on these 10 inspiring Christmas wreaths to make, sick days have taken over and it has been a daily struggle to stick to my December to-do list but I really wanted to show you these 10 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping which I’m sure you’ll find useful when you find yourself wrapping presents at the last minute. I have also included my favourite gift labels and wrapping paper free to download.

10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to make

10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to make

I know it may be a bit early for some, to start thinking about Christmas but as you figured it out from my post yesterday, I want to re-focus on things that provide us with a great deal of happiness and peace and I’m talking about doing things that are good for our body and for our soul.

10 must-have gifts for health-conscious people

10 must-have gifts for health-conscious people

I think you’ve gathered by the number of green smoothies I regularly post on Instagram and the lifestyle changes I made these last few months (like giving up Coke Zero), that health & well-being is a pretty big interest of mine so I’ve put together these 10 must-have gifts for health conscious people, bearing in mind what really worked for me and other things that I would like. 1. First and foremost, the Nutribullet ( also available from John Lewis) which is SO easy to use. There is heaps of information online but the big thing for me is that it’s powerful and super easy to clean. You just need to rinse off the plastic jar and that’s it. They seem to have sold in a lots of shops except at Selfridges where they have the Pro 900 series (I have the model below from John Lewis at £99 and I’m happy with it). 2. You will need a chopping board to cut all your fresh, organic fruits & vege. I’ve about six wooden chopping boards at home, which Steve uses to …

12 very cool black & white gifts which is basically everything I want

12 super cool B&W gifts

Here are my favourite B&W gifts, things I really want, things I don’t need but I still really want, things I already have but if I hadn’t, I still would really want them!   1. London print | 2. this black notebook to keep track of all my ideas | 3. I have more than one of these paper bags in our home but they are SO good! | 4. my Xmas present (oui oui): the Isabel Marant watch | 5. always a few rolls of masking tapes, preferably black & graphic (they are great stocking fillers) | 6. ANYTHING from Aesop so we are clear | 7. this gorgeous flat clutch by Clare Vivier | 8. totally digging this marble chopping board | 9. any scented candles from Hush | 10. these boots from Isabel Marant | 11. this Michael Kors black watch because I still love it a lot | 12. a book by my favourite Photographer Peter Lindberg

Nice little white dress

The Little white dress

Monday’s must-have has to be  this gorgeous dress from Hush…First, because it had been on my wish list since the launch of their AW collection and second, their Xmas shots featured our gold star garland and our paper stars. If you are going for a gold theme this year, I’ve seen these gorgeous candlesticks at Anthropologie. I love the drop waist  of the quilted dress. It’s a great little number to wear with low ankle boots at work or in the evening and you can accessorise it easily with these simple and pretty heart or star necklaces or this pinecone necklace which is adorable.

LE WEEKEND | Cloud grey stonewashed linen. Photography: Francois Kong, Styling: Karine Kong


Yesterday was errand day. I bought a pair of black sequin ankle boots (similar to these) and this nice mohair grey cardigan to wear with boyfriend jeans, some mistletoe and a gorgeous wreath from my local florist (try to shop indie & local whenever you can, I’ve tagged some of my favourite indie shops on Instagram here). Today…

THE BEST DESIGN & FASHION XMAS GIFTS FOR HIM. For more inspiration, head to

The best fashion & design gifts for him

Men aren’t always easy to buy for…If they want something, they get it without waiting for Christmas or they want something that won’t be released until next year like the Apple watch! However, I love shopping for guys and finding something that they didn’t think they need, or will make them looking damn good so here is my selection of design & fashion Christmas gifts for him. Enjoy!