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Menu space in Copenhagen by Norm Architects

Cph Menu space by Norm Architects

Visiting Copenhagen is always a good idea especially when there is a new cool space to discover designed by all-time favourite Norm Architects. So if you’re planning a long weekend there, I’m inviting you to add the Menu space to your must-see list.

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

Camerich contemporary sofa collection

I first discovered Camerich sofas when I stumbled across their beautiful shop with brick walls in Islington on St John street (north London) a few years ago, shortly after we had purchased our Ghost sofa for our home in London and since then, I have kept an eye on them.


Knoll sample sale

Thank you all for your very kind comments and positive energy here, Facebook and Instagram. Someone wrote here “La beauté est une réponse à l’horreur” (beauty is an answer to the horrific) which I thought was a beautiful thing to say and reminded me of The Flowers of Evil by Baudelaire… Yes let’s keep being inspired by beautiful interiors, let’s keep lusting about beautiful things that make our day-to-day just a little bit better. We all know that’s not everything but it does feel good to daydream or just to have dreams. Talking about beautiful things, I’m the proud owner of this gorgeous vintage Bertoia chair (above) and if I could, I would love to have five more to fit around our dining table so I’m really disappointed to miss out again on the Knoll sample sale in London.

The Kaeko coffee table by Rafic Farah

I love when there is a story behind a design, the same way I love things in my home to tell a story about our family, our life and values. The Kaeko table was designed by Brazilian Rafic Farah. One day, someone asked his father: “By the way Jorge, what is the job of your son?”…

Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

I’ve been a fan of Piet Hein Eek‘s work since I spotted his designs in Elle Decoration a couple of years ago. I really admire the fact that someone can actually create something so beautiful out of reclaimed wood (like this headboard made by House Tweaking) or this Pallet chair by Studiomama which one day I’m hoping to make for our Summer house.Piet Hein Eek’s designs are unique and merge artisan handcraft with skilled design but I also feel (and that’s me believing in good karma) that this whole approach to a more eco-friendly design, his commitment to use reclaimed wood and his handcraft can only have a positive impact on our lives, our homes and the world of design in general.So I can’t tell you how happy I am to have his amazing and unique collection of Scrapwood wallpaper on BODIE and FOU.The Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek has the warm, rustic feel that real wood brings to a room. Like the Bookshelf wallpaper, this is the kind of wallpaper design that is …