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Happy thoughts for the weekend….

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, we’ll be having a yummy pizza there with friends from New-Zealand before heading to this book launch in Bricklane.Sunday, Steve is off to France for a boys weekend so….Mila and I will watch (again!) this uplifting French movie with Sophie MarceauTake some photos with balloons This week, I loved…. The new issue of this inspiring magazine The blog and videos of Jeana Sohn This lovely, personal account on Irene’s blog This which made me laugh but if you have one, you must get one of these Heidi Klum’s tips on how to look gorgeous on picture….er, who wouldn’t want to look like her?! Mila telling me she had something “unbelievably beautiful” to show me…the cutest paper cut I had ever seen Seeing our kitchen on Emma’s blog And this photo taken by Christophe, my brother-in-law . Have a wonderful weekend!

London Family Style by PAUMES

A very big thank you to Editions PAUMES for asking us to be part of their new book London Family Style and to Helena from Agence Violette, their press agent in France, who co-ordinated the photoshoots with all the families (must have been tricky to fit so many families in such a short time). I have always been a big fan of their books so

Paumes, rain, Sunday brunch & monthly competition

On Friday I took home two new books from Edition Paumes to read them: Stockholm Ateliers and London Gardens. Well, read is bit exaggerated since I don’t speak a word of ようこそジュ and they are all written in Japanese but once again I was not disappointed and since you can not flip through it, here are why I love these little, cool Japanese books….. Reason 1: I love how inspiring and creative they are. There is a bit of text but it’s all in Japanese so your attention is really on the photos. It wouldn’t be a bad thing sometimes to know what they’re writing about but it’s probably just a description of the photos so in the end, you pay a lot more attention to the details of each image and they always put a list of websites at the end or a mini guide or a list of flea markets, museums etc…it depends on the theme of the book. Reason 2: Each time I discover the work of amazingly talented and creative people …