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Calvin Klein beddings

Winter bedroom update

It’s that time of the year where I start “hibernating”…it’s getting cold and dark far too early for my liking (how do you guys manage in Norway!?) and as a result I do whatever I can to make our home cosy and comfy. So when Calvin Klein Home asked me to try their beautiful Acacia bedding collection, to commemorate the brand’s 20th birthday, I jumped at the chance of making our bedroom a little bit more gorgeous and cosier.

Would you paint your housefront in dark colour?

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about buying a piece of dark clothing.Personally I love wearing black during the winter. My new Winter coat IS black and I’ve just treated myself with this B&W jumper but would you paint your whole housefront in black? We did… and I can’t tell you how happy I am we took the jump. I think it’s an easy call to paint a modern building standing in the middle of nowhere in dark colours or in the middle of nature (we did it for our tree house in France) – a black cube will always stand out and looks beautifully striking.Painting a traditional British Victorian house was a little bit more challenging. First, there aren’t many residential homes painted totally in dark colours so it was hard to see an example of what it could look like. Second, we were very keen to modernise our home while respecting the character and period features of the building. In the end, we painted everything in Railings by Farrow & Ball except the inside of the …