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Must-have winter boots

New winter boots

Last week while we were in Biarritz for a few days, we drove down to Bilbao where I discovered these gorgeous winter boots before we went to the Guggenheim. It was love at first sight! I love the combo of black and brown of these boots, the design, and how comfortable they were. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in-store so I tracked them down online when I got back home. Sadly, the boots looked sold out online in my size. I loved them so much that was about to order a size down until I got an email alert saying they were back in stock! I’m pretty sure they will sell out soon so I just wanted to share them with you. They look fab and will be a nice upgrade to go with a pair of jogging or these nice cashmere leggings I’ve also ordered in greige. If you miss out on these boots, here are a few you may like    

Stylish beach slides

New slides

I was looking for some new slides to go to the beach and saw that Porte and Paire had some really great styles on Net-A-Porter. The Isabel Marant slides I have are great but I found that the sand damages the leather very quickly and I kind of what to keep them for a while. Then I came across these slides !! They are just perfect for the beach and post-surfing when my feet are wet and covered in sand. They are also very comfortable and the khaki colour goes nicely with my outfits which are often black. BROWSE MY SLIDES SELECTION

My favourite beauty products

Favourite beauty products

I’m a huge fan of AESOP and I love using this Primrose hydrating cream in the morning. Once I have finished the pot, I clean it and use it to store small things like elastic bands, rings, health supplements when I travel, etc. OLAPLEX Hair protector is a product Steve brought me back from Cult Beauty. Love, love, love that product. It makes my hair stronger and shinier. I came across THE ORDINARY range when I was looking for something to stop my skin from being so dry. I use the 100% organic Rose hip seed oil in the evening and alternate with the 100% organic cold-pressed Argan oil. KIEHL’S is one brand I always get at the airport. I recently bought a bottle of the amino acid shampoo after getting hold of a sample and refill the sample bottle each time I travel. How about you? Which one(s) are your current beauty favorites!? Photo taken in the ground-floor bathroom of CASA PYLA. The residence is available for summer rentals here or you can contact me directly.

Off-the-shoulder dress

I love off-the-shoulder dresses or tops! I, like many women, could write a long list of things I don’t like about my body… However, I’m working on A-DO-RING (yes adoring not just loving) my body. So I will focus on the two things I like I find sexy and that is my shoulders and collar line. It is important to focus on the positive. There is always something positive about our bodies. This is why I always ask women who contact me to photograph them, what part of their body they love the most. They often love just one or two things about themselves. However, I see so much beauty in them. In their expressions, their smile, their energy, their personality and that’s really what I’m trying to bring out in all my portraits…but I digress. 16 years of classical ballet has given me a decent posture and the recent daily workout during lockdown has given me back a bit of arms definition. So I thought I would treat myself with a gown that would enhance the …

Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

I recently received these platform wedges which I ordered from Nordstrom and I wanted to tell you about it because I’m really loving them. Last year, after admiring Sincerely Jules legs wearing these gorgeous wedges, (and secretly hoping I would get the same legs by wearing them), I bought them. Needless to say, that didn’t happen but the shoes looked great and I loved them. The Queen Mother likes saying that I walk like an elephant, I like to think that I have a very decisive step. I basically march on… As such, I will kill any pretty, thin heels in a day, even in a matter of hours so the experience has taught me to go either for flat shoes, sneakers or heels that can stand my power walk. I thought wedges would be a great alternative but it turned out that this specific model wasn’t great for me. I twisted my ankle a few times and the upper strap came out in no time. I took them for repair twice and after the second time, I …

10 must-haves in the Hush sale

10 must-haves in the Hush sale

When it comes to stylish, fun, affordable fashion must-haves, Hush Homewear is my go-to brand. They always have fantastic knitwear and dresses and they deliver around the world. As the HUSH SALE is on, here is a round-up of all my favourites, should you wish to grab a bargain ;-) To be updated on the latest blog posts. please follow me on Bloglovin’ or sign up to my E-news. #1: The grey marl jumper Grey jumpers and sweatshirts are my guilty pleasures. The pile goes up and down in my wardrobe but it remains my colour of predilection. This grey marl lurex jumper (£99 now £50) ticks several of my boxes. It comes in a beautiful, soft grey (first box ticked!) but has also lurex stripes which fulfil my second guilty pleasure: sequins & glitter and happy people like glitter ;-) Its cut makes it the perfect item to wear over boyfriend jeans during the day or at weekends. In the evening, I would pair it with black trousers and a pair of Chilton heels or gold slingback pumps (loving these heels from Prada) BUY IT NOW …

Organic Basics - Basically better made

Organic Basics – Basically better made

Have you heard of Organic Basics before? It’s a Danish brand created in 2015 which designs and produces sustainable, better made basics. Like me, they think fashion produces too much waste and that there is a better way of doing things, of consuming things and enjoying fashion. In the case of Organic Basics, that means better fabrics and basics like t-shirts, socks and underwear that last longer. It’s a no brainer I think. You can also trust the Danes to come up with some fantastic branding and packaging to deliver the message in style. Isn’t this soft pink packaging gorgeous!? I love the colour so much that I think I’m gonna recycle it and re-use it to store things. With its big white logo on brown padded envelope, the Arket mail order packaging is pretty cool too. I’ve ordered the organic complete pack which includes 2 briefs, 1 pretty triangle bra and 1 basic soft t-shirt. They currently have some Christmas packs for her here and for men here. I had a full on day dealing with …

The winter coat I swear by

The Winter coat I swear by

I’m not one to have dozens of winter coats in my wardrobe. To tell you the truth, I get stressed out when I can’t see what is in my wardrobe and it overflows with clothing. If you are like me, read these 15 helpful tips to declutter your home. My Autumn Winter coat capsule includes at the most 5 pieces which already sounds too much… Two Winter coats (the new one & one purchased 2/3 seasons ago), a 10 years-old timeless trench coat from Comptoir des Cotonniers (really loving the style of this Arket trench), a raincoat and now a parka so I can watch Mila surfing in the winter time. SHOP MY FAVOURITE TRENCH COATS THIS SEASON For the past two years, I wore an oversized coat from Monki that I really loved. This season, I fell in love with this belted coat from H&M. Based on the cost per wear (£119.99), it has proven to be a good investment already! Belted coats really enhance your waist and give you that extra confidence in your step. I …