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8 favourite Summer spots in the Bay of Arcachon. Read on

8 favourite summer spots in the Bay of Arcachon

A few people coming to stay in our holidays homes (this one for 6 people and this one for 8 people) have been asking me about places to eat and what to do with young children so here are my favourite spots to eat in the Bay of Arcachon and they are all child-friendly.

Tea party in our tree house | Our holiday home in France

Tea party in our tree house

These are behind-the-scene shots I took when Côté Ouest magazine came to shoot our home last June, which I never shared with you. We moved a lot of things around in the house for the sake of the photoshoot to create new images but I’m especially fond of these photos in our tree house which was built by Steve and was a really work of love. Sadly Mila no longer fit in this fabulous denim jumpsuit which we got from Gap but you can probably find similar ones on Elias and Grace or Smallable. I’ll sell some of Mila’s clothes on Instagram soon.


Did you see this on Saturday? It really made me laugh… I mean, yeah it’s not all about shopping, etc (quoique…) but once in a while, it just feels good to go for it just because we want to!So I got myself this very bright green coat from Zara to wear with my boyfriend jeans and my black Bowie’s Suede Wedged trainers. I don’t think I ever bought anything so bright since Uni but I had actually seen someone trying it on, in a more conservative colour last weekend in Westfields and thought the cut was really good. It looked so good on her that I almost told her.Retrospectively I think I should have, because its always nice when someone pays you a compliment out of the blue…So when I saw it in green, I just thought…why not!!?  2014 feels good, really good. I have a huge amount of energy and like our pink door, this will be my happy coat for this Spring.What do you think? What’s the brightest piece of item you bought? Here are my favourite ‘green pieces’ …