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Limited edition: The CH23 chair BY Carl Hansen & Son

Limited edition: The CH23 chair BY Carl Hansen & Son

I’m back from a girls weekend in Marrakech (which was so good on so many levels!) and I have to admit that after spending days in the souk surrounded by beautiful woven baskets and shades, hand carved wooden home accessories & furniture, the natural look is really high up in my mind to revamp our home in France. So when I received the press release from Carl Hansen & Son in my inbox, their re-edition of the CH23 chair caught my eye… Unveiled in 1950, the CH23 chair was one of the first four pieces, Hans J. Wegner created exclusively for Carl Hansen & Son. After decades out of production, the CH23 will become available on 16 June, and all pieces sold on this date will be engraved with the designer’s signature and the reissue date. The chair is available in three finishes (black, soap oak and walnut oak) but I’m particularly fond of the soap oak finish (above) for its light, natural look. We are in need of new chairs in our home and I can see how wonderful the …

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

Camerich contemporary sofa collection

I first discovered Camerich sofas when I stumbled across their beautiful shop with brick walls in Islington on St John street (north London) a few years ago, shortly after we had purchased our Ghost sofa for our home in London and since then, I have kept an eye on them.

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables. Read on >>

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables

I love having friends around for diner but as I also work regularly from home, I love a large dining table that can double-up as a nice, minimalist desk when I need to spread myself. In our home in London, we have the slice table which is made of oak and gives our lounge a beautiful Scandinavian vibe. I was convinced I had shared with you pictures of our new lounge with the resin floor after the renovations but I haven’t so I will post some photos later on this week. When it comes to the soft industrial look, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Vipp table which has a tabletop made of untreated, recycled planks making each table unique. The only downside is that this beauty will set you back £2899. Way more affordable and very similar in style is the Form table (sample available at 20% OFF here).

beautiful stools & bar stools from & Tradition.More inspiration at

& Tradition stools & bar stools

I have yet to find similar bar stools to these gold ones featured here but I wanted to show you these beautiful NA3 stool and NA4 bar stool from & Tradition. I initially considered  them for our new kitchen but it was tricky to match the wood of the stools with… 

black kitchen with Philippe Starck Masters chairs

Black dining chairs…

For our dining room, I’m looking at two chairs for now….The Knot chair (tried, tested & loved) which has been one of my top favourite chairs for a long time. I took the black one home recently to see how it would look in our new lounge and it looks fab. Second option is the Masters chair designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell. Starck designed the Masters chair to pay tribute to three iconic chairs: the “Series 7” by Arne Jacobsen, the “Tulip Armchair” by Eero Saarinen and the “Eiffel Chair” by Charles Eames. It’s very comfy and has a special finish on the chair, which makes it feel sensual and velvety to the touch but mostly I love the look of it. What do you think? SHOP THE LOOK Photography: 1. Weronika Trojanowska

3 Looks to Create an Inviting Dining Area in Your Home

Now that our resin floor has been laid in our lounge and kitchen (yeah!!!), it’s time for me to shop for a new dining table since I sold our radius table from Habitat before we started the renovations.Here are three looks I love with a preference for the first two, which one is your favourite? GET THE LOOK >>  1. Dining table | 2. Desk lamp | 3. upholstered chair | 4. pink sofa | 5. floorboards I’m so stealing the idea of the moodboard against the wall and this pink sofa from is to die for!

The AA Butterfly chair (aka BKF chair)

One of my favourite piece of design, is the iconic and legendary AA Butterfly chair (aka the BFK chair). It is beautifully designed, simple, minimal but also very comfortable. Sadly there is a lot of copies available and at the end of the day, it is a matter of personal choice and budget. I’m not passing judgment :-) but personally, when it comes to design, I’d rather wait until I can afford the real deal or source a vintage one. This one is a re-edition in full respect of the spirit and quality of the original 1938 model. The AA Butterfly chair was originally designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan  Kurchan. Three young Designers who worked with the pioneer of modern architecture: Le Corbusier, in the thirties. After they went back to Buenos Aires, they formed the “Grupo Austral” and in 1938, created the now famous 197 model that became broadly known as the Butterfly or BFK chair and has been part of the permanent collection at the MoMa Museum in New-York since …


When it comes to decorating, I think it’s very liberating to allow yourself to think outside the box.I used this pretty owl vase mostly as a pen holder and until recently this stool was the perfect side table to have by my sofa.My inspiration for the shot above was a coffee table made out of African stools spotted in an old Living Etc issue (circa 1998). Unfortunately I can not check the credits any longer as I threw away lots of magazines when we moved from Bristol back to London but I’m pretty sure it was a Dutch house.In all these years searching for similar stools, I only came across dark African stools or lighter ones that cost an arm until I used this wooden stool.What do you think? Would you mind sharing what ‘outside the box thinking’ you’ve done at home with your decoration?I’m also very excited that the God of Design aka Philippe Starck has chosen 20 of this stool to decorate his new MAMA SHELTER in Istambul. How cool is that!!?? I wish I …