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10 must-have gifts for health-conscious people

10 must-have gifts for health-conscious people

I think you’ve gathered by the number of green smoothies I regularly post on Instagram and the lifestyle changes I made these last few months (like giving up Coke Zero), that health & well-being is a pretty big interest of mine so I’ve put together these 10 must-have gifts for health conscious people, bearing in mind what really worked for me and other things that I would like. 1. First and foremost, the Nutribullet ( also available from John Lewis) which is SO easy to use. There is heaps of information online but the big thing for me is that it’s powerful and super easy to clean. You just need to rinse off the plastic jar and that’s it. They seem to have sold in a lots of shops except at Selfridges where they have the Pro 900 series (I have the model below from John Lewis at £99 and I’m happy with it). 2. You will need a chopping board to cut all your fresh, organic fruits & vege. I’ve about six wooden chopping boards at home, which Steve uses to …

THE BEST DESIGN & FASHION XMAS GIFTS FOR HIM. For more inspiration, head to

The best fashion & design gifts for him

Men aren’t always easy to buy for…If they want something, they get it without waiting for Christmas or they want something that won’t be released until next year like the Apple watch! However, I love shopping for guys and finding something that they didn’t think they need, or will make them looking damn good so here is my selection of design & fashion Christmas gifts for him. Enjoy!

Mood board for a white something

Kick me if you think it’s FAAR too early to mention Christmas but frankly I spent hours putting this mood board together for here and there is no way, I’m not going to put it here for you to see! 1. White Paulistano chair 2.Star t-shirt 3. Cluster light4. Jacqueline Morabito ceramic bottle cooler5. The Old Oak’s Last Dream handmade print6. Cote Bastide French armchair 7. ceramic tea-lights 8. Hang lamp9. Jacqueline Morabito candleholder 10. Pigeon light11. Angel babygro 12. Jacqueline Morabito ceramic hearts Tapez-moi si vous pensez que c’est vraiment trop TOT pour mentioner Noel mais franchement, j’ai passe des heures a faire ce montage pour ici alors il n’y a aucune chance pour que je ne vous le montre pas!

Happy Mother’s Day from BODIE and Fou

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BODIE and FOU named as Family Favourites by Homes & Garden magazine

Nice write up about us from Homes and Gardens magazine…“Choose gorgeous accessories and gifts in the comfort of your home with our pick of mail order and online shops – ideal for Christmas and all year round.Family Favourites: BODIE and FOUOne click of your mouse will reveal a huge selection for all rooms and all ages at Elodie and Karine’s charming online store. The French sisters seek out up-and-coming designers across Europe and specialise in inspirational French homewares, many of which are exclusive to the UK.