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decorating with old painting

Decorating with old paintings

I like the idea of decorating a modern home with an old painting…I grew up in a cluttered home, which is probably why I’m going the opposite and go for clean-looking, relaxed interiors but I love the idea of adding a bit of history into a modern home and mostly let the painting breathe rather than being lost in clutter. What do you think? 

2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Last night, I had the weirdest dream… We were at a sea side town walking down towards the beach. It was warm, the sun had just set but we could still see a bunch of white wild horses playing in the sea.On our way, we walked past the house of a famous person (no idea who!) who was swimming. Her pool was at street level so some kids jumped in the water to mess around and take her picture of her. She was furious. We carried on walking watching the scene and I wondered she was hadn’t put some walls  around her pool if she didn’t want this kind of things to happen.As we looked at the horses again, suddenly the sky opened to let a beautiful ray of white, sparkly, festive light coming down on the horses who started rising and moving like they were dancing.The whole scene was amazing and it felt so unique that I really tried hard to remember everything. Then I woke up and realised today was the start of the …

I always knew the kind of woman I wanted to be….

I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter Bank Holidays weekend so far… Mine was certainly fantastic and relaxing…We played tourists in Notting Hill, went to a a show at the Sadler’s Wells, had a great lunch with friends at Stoke Place, an amazing venue outside London (see photos on Instagram) and today my best friend from Paris is arriving and I’m taking her to a Bikram Yoga class. On Saturday which was my birthday, I received a wonderful email from Kelly Rutherford ‘s office saying how much she loved BODIE and FOU. I’m always amazed and grateful when I get this kind of email. I mean this email had a WOW factor (I’m a huge fan of Gossip Girl and Kelly’s style) but I get touched the same way when I get a heartfelt email from a customer on the other side of the world. We are still a niche independent concept store without a massive marketing budget and it always surprises me when people feel a connection with the BODIE and FOU style and somehow hear about us even if they are miles away.It’s the …