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Paris Creative Couples by Editions PAUMES

The new book Paris Creative Couples by Editions Paumes has arrived…I’m so excited! Each time we get a new one, I feel like a little girl in a candy shop.This one focuses on creative couples in Paris and you will see the homes of amazing, inspiring people like this gorgeous attic flat which belongs to Stylist and Designer Cheri Messerli and Creative Director David Rager. Enjoy!

NEW! Finland Family Style

Our gorgeous little books from Paumes have finally arrived!! So now the whole collection is back in stock and on top of this, we have received their new book Finland Family Style and this one has even a family-friendly Helsinki guide for design lovers! So who wants one? :-) Nos petits livres de Paumes sont enfin arrives!! Donc ca y est, maintenant toute la collection est en stock et en plus, nous avons aussi recu leur nouveau livre: Finland Family Style et celui-ci a meme un guide d’helsinki concu specialement pour les familles fans de design! Bon qui veut son petit Paumes? :-)

What Katie ate….in New-York

4 more days to go and I fly to New-Zealand.3 days alone at home to finish painting our bedroom.2 weeks of sun to recover from 8 weeks of carbs & no morning runs.1 last post about the Living Etc Competition.1/2 day at work and we close for the holidays and that’s it…et bien non! I got a little comment from Nicole and because I’m interested in people who leave comments, I checked her out and what did I find?! More goodies to share!!Nicole Franzen is a food, lifestyle, travel Photographer who participated to the amazing food photography book Katie Quinn Davies put together and it’s just too good to not show it to you before the holidays!!And can someone get the girl a book deal please! This is too good to be online only! I want to read this book on my sofa with a cup of tea and take my time flickering through each page… So here are a few of Nicole’s amazing photos and you can see more here 4 jours de plus …

Paumes, rain, Sunday brunch & monthly competition

On Friday I took home two new books from Edition Paumes to read them: Stockholm Ateliers and London Gardens. Well, read is bit exaggerated since I don’t speak a word of ようこそジュ and they are all written in Japanese but once again I was not disappointed and since you can not flip through it, here are why I love these little, cool Japanese books….. Reason 1: I love how inspiring and creative they are. There is a bit of text but it’s all in Japanese so your attention is really on the photos. It wouldn’t be a bad thing sometimes to know what they’re writing about but it’s probably just a description of the photos so in the end, you pay a lot more attention to the details of each image and they always put a list of websites at the end or a mini guide or a list of flea markets, museums etc…it depends on the theme of the book. Reason 2: Each time I discover the work of amazingly talented and creative people …