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Bedroom makeover

Mila’s bedroom makeover

Following Mila’s desk makeover, which many of you loved (thank you!) I have now tackled the rest of her bedroom makeover to ensure her bed would be warm and comfortable for wintertime and feels a bit more luxurious. As you may remember, a few months ago, we installed double-glazing in most of the house, which has made our home a lot warmer, cosier and secure. Unlike the other three bedrooms in our home in France, Mila’s room is exposed north, which means it is the room that sees the least amount of sun. Since Mila didn’t want to move out of her room, I focused on the inside to make her bedroom cosy, warm and comfortable. The first thing I did, was getting her a new all season wool duvet,  new wool pillows from Woolroom (which by the way, impressed me by their quality) and a new set of white bed linen in stonewashed linen. She has now two sets of bedlinen from Piglet in Bed (a soft pink and a pure white, which we both love) and the minimalist in …

Childen's bedroom makeover

Mila’s desk area makeover

Last time, we decorated Mila’s room in our holiday home in France, was shortly after we purchased the house and refurbished it at the speed of the light to rent it over Summer. Mila was two years old. We fitted a sisal carpet on the floor to hide the uneven concrete floor, painted the walls in white and added two single beds as the house is rented out to other families during the summer and caters for 8 people + a baby. If you click on the second image here when the house was featured in Boligdrom magazine in 2014 and Grand Designs in 2008, you will see that we turned the front and back of a vintage French iron bed into two headboards for every single bed. Fast forward 10 years, Mila is now a 12-year-old pre-teens, well into surfing, skating and all of the above is gone. Her room is still in need of a serious makeover and I’m planning at some point, to paint one of her walls in light grey, get …

Rafa-Kids white furniture collection

Rafa-Kids white furniture collection

Rafa-Kids, a Dutch brand I was stocking when running the BODIE and FOU e-shop (sold in January for those who missed this) have released their K Desk, XL shelf (WANT!) and X stool in white.

K Desk by Rafa-Kids

As our loft conversion is nearly finished (I think our beautiful floorboards are being laid and the walls painted next week ), I’m really excited to start thinking how I’m going to decorate Mila‘s room. Once thing that I’m really looking forward to add to her new room, is this gorgeous K Desk by Rafa-Kids. I think it will look stunning on the black floorboards.It’s a beautiful, simple design, the way I like things and I know she will love using masking tapes to create hew own little moodboard.The minx is growing fast. This afternoon alone, she organised her own playdate with her friend and got Linda, our au-pair (who I took to Bikram yoga yesterday at 6.30am and almost died on the spot ;-) to call us to let us know. A part of me is proud of the independent person she is. At the end of the day, that’s what the kiwi and I tried to instill in her these past few years, yet I can’t help wondering if she does this at 9, what on …

{PARIS} My top decorating tips to revamp a kids bedroom

…& most favourite kids brands at Playtime.As mentioned here, I’m in Paris for the week to attend various trade shows. Yesterday, I went to Playtime which is mostly about kids fashion (sadly decoration is very limited, you have to go to M&O for that) but I love going because it’s a playful, feel-good show.There is a lot of creativity in kids fashion, bright, daring colours and often a lot of very good, funky ideas on stands that you can apply to interior design when you decorate a kids bedroom.This year was also very special because my friend Michelle Marshall was one of the four artists invited by Playtime to create an art installation and Mila was one of her models (more of this later).So here is my round-up of my favourite kids brands this year://Tocoto VintageA gorgeous, Spanish brand launched 3-years ago, Tocoto Vintage draws its inspiration from vintage things sourced by the designer on the island of Formentera* They had gorgeous things that made me wish I had a baby or toddler to dress up.Decoration tip: …


In our house in France, I’ve created a feature wall in our lounge with various black & white prints and photos. The result is pretty cool, modern and striking. Since then I have been searching for a mini series of prints to achieve a similar look in a kids bedroom and I’ve finally found this gorgeous series of black & white prints. If I have to pick one, my favourite one is the Bouncing rabbit print but if you’re looking to create an impact, then a row of three or four of these prints will look beautiful and I think the design is so charming that they can easily be displayed around the home, in the hallway, kitchen or landing. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

The new Pigmée collection now in grey

Quick hello to let you know that the beautiful Pigmée dolls are now available in a beautiful grey. I love those dolls. I love how they are made, I love their shape, texture, feel and the two white, Mila had in her bedroom, look amazing so I’m over the moon to have these in grey now. Have a great Sunday bisesLEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Mila's bedroom. © Photography: François Köng, Styling: Karine Köng || All rights reserved

Create a pretty French kids’ bedroom on a budget

I recently updated Mila’s bedroom which you can now see in our catalogue (on issuu here), and made a few changes to show you how to create a French style kids bedroom for very little money I think. Stylish French homes love grays and the ones I mostly use at home, are from Farrow & Ball. When we moved in three years ago, the first thing I did, was to paint all the floorboards and the walls in white (except the one behind her bed which I painted in Down Pipe). To soften the whole look, I then painted her wardrobe in light gray. I can’t remember whether I used Pavilion Gray or Lamp room Gray because I used gray in our bedroom at the same time but it doesn’t really matter as you should always get a a few samples first to try different grays on your walls and see how they look in your room at different times of the day. Then I created little vignettes in each corner of her room. Needless to say that her choice of toys (bright pink and …