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GIVEAWAY: Win a Limited edition pair of Bensimon x Nils plimsolls

Bensimon x Nils Inne + Giveaway

If you were a French kid growing up in the 80s, it is very likely that you would have owned at least once a pair of Bensimon. My sister and I lived our Summers in Bensimon… At the start of each Summer, we would pick a new colour and wear them in and out during the next Summer months at the beach. As a mother now, I realised how convenient it was to get your kids a pair of Bensimon. It was the perfect, light, easy-to-care-for pair of shoes to pack for the holidays with the added value that it looked great with a pretty dress or a pair of shorts. A no-brainer really! Like my mum, I kept on the family tradition by getting Mila her own pairs of Bensimon as the start of the Summer. Recently, Bensimon did a collab’ with Nils Inne, a French Artist born in Nice (south of France) who is greatly inspired by Artists like Mark Gonzales, Dave Kinsey, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. A great skater too, Nils designed a …

Pea coat, navy knitwear & beanie

Pea coat, navy knitwear & beanie

Pea coat, navy woolen jumper, and beanie is a combo I really love in winter times and I think it’s a look that suits the whole family. Sadly, Mila’s navy jumper is now too small for her so I took a few more pictures before letting it go. I tried to convince her to wear it with the sleeves rolled up but she is having none of that… Don’t you miss the times when we could control our kids and just tell them what to do and what to wear!?  hahaha I’ve added this warm jumper on bodieandfoupreloved along with other things that we no longer want including a few things from Isabel Marant Jigsaw has a great classic pea coat for women in the sale but I’ve listed a few more options below for you. PEA COATS FOR WOMEN Mila’s beanie is from Sen No Sen, a local fashion label that has a great collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts inspired by the sea, and wetsuits. If you’re coming to the Bay Of Arcachon this Summer, make sure …

Back to school look

Back to school look

Twelve years in the making and it’s the first time that I didn’t drop Mila to the wrong school or the wrong day (the year she got into the French Lycée in London, I took her the day before school started). It’s also the first time, I got everything done in time including school supplies courtesy of the parents association, which had the brilliant idea to centralise all purchases to save time and money to the parents. All I had to do was ticked a list, send a cheque and collect everything last Saturday (time spent on buying school stationary = 10 minutes, Stress level = peanuts). God Bless Parents Associations!!On Sunday, I got overwhelmed (and sad) by the realisation that she is growing up fast but today I’m  feeling better now. These feelings come and go and we just have to make the most of the time we have with our kids, while we can, can’t we!? At the end of the day, I’m hugely proud of the human being she is and the …

Timeless clothes for kids 10 (C) Karine Kong Photography

Timeless clothes for kids

Don’t you love simple, timeless fashion for kids? When we were little, my sister and I wore a lot of pretty, timeless clothes that we both kept for the girls. My mum used to also sew some of them based on models from Bonton and Cyrillus. Sadly, I didn’t have my mum’s sewing skills when I became a mum, but I relished finding pretty dresses and tops for Mila. A few days ago, our family caught with Dee and her family to have dinner at the beach. Dee is the co-Founder and Designer Une Belle Epoque, an independent kids fashion brand that has the most gorgeous collection of simple, timeless clothes for children. While Dee is from South Africa, her collection feels very French and the kind of beautiful, simple pieces I would love Mila to wear. I managed to capture a few shots of the girls before it got too dark… Limi (left) wears a Can Can top and trousers from Une Belle Epoque and brown Salt-Water sandals,  Claya (middle) wears a dress from the new collection (please contact Dee for details) and navy …

This season's must-have linen items for kids

This Summer’s must-haves for kids

I had so many messages & questions on Instagram about the outfit Mila was wearing today that I’ve put the links below and the photos we took today. It was a rainy day, the girls were a bit bored and since I fainted this morning, I didn’t really have the energy to take them to explore Singapore. So instead, I taught them about posing and photography.The whole outfit is from Mango which I have to say, has a fantastic collection for kids this season. Mila wears this top and these baggy trousers. I also bought her a beautiful dress and I wish I had gotten these leather clogs. They have a really gorgeous collection which most of it is in sale now so I’ve listed below my favourites. I hope this helps! SHOP THE POST: Styling & photography: Karine Köng Photography | Facebook | Instagram

Louise Misha collection

Life with Mila | Shopping

Me: “For your birthday, we can have a girls day and go shopping if you want” Mila: ” oh great! Can it be unlimited credit?” Me: “errm non….” Mila turned 11 a a couple of weeks ago. As we were staying with some friends near Cap-Breton, we went shopping in Hossegor. I’m sure if you are mums of pre-teens you’re going through the same thing than me but the days of having fun buying clothes for my daughter are **OVER**! I used to be able to buy her and most importantly dress her, in gorgeous Liberty print dresses and blouses with smocks but now the sole mention of a dress and she looks at me in disbelief if I was completely mad. I’m not mad, I keep hoping that she will change her mind :-)))) Saying that, we found a middle ground… Last Summer, we had paid a visit to a shop in Hossegor (forgot the name sorry!) where the lady was a bit pushy but she had a great selection of my favourite brands Finger in the Nose, …

The most gorgeous tutus. Read on


Last night, Mila was hanging out in her tutu wearing hardly anything while I was all wrapped up in my soft jumper. I asked her what was the occasion, her response cracked me up…

DENIM POWER Fashion for kids. Read on

Denim power

I tried to take pictures of Mila’s outfit this morning before going to school… I got 10 seconds of stillness and then, she went off running with Lucas, jumping on the trampoline. True to be told, she is on the trampoline ALL THE TIME and I think if you have the space, it’s the best thing to keep the kids active rather than having them glued to their iPad! In addition, her dad built her a mini-Accrobranche so she is constantly doing a circuit from the trampoline to the tree house, hanging on the trapeze, pulling herself from the strength of her arms to the top of the rope and jumping back on the trampoline (last night she was training to be a Spy!) THE DENIM EDIT FOR WOMEN: