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Bobo Choses SS 2015 collection. For more kids fashion, go to >>

Bobo Choses SS 2015 Collection

One of my favourite brands to dress Mila is BOBO CHOSES (available at Elias and Grace in the UK and Smallable in France). I’ve watched them growing from a small indie brand in 2008 into a beloved worldwide brand and each season, their collection fills me with joy and inspiration. I would love to style their collection once and I really wish they would do some of their sweatshirts for women too!

MILA’S VIDE-DRESSING: IG 04/01/2015 11am

A few days ago, I was asked on Instagram how I kept our home uncluttered. The short answer is that I go through our things every month. I know that there is often a lot of emotions attached to the way we don’t let go things and that’s ok. Yoga teaches you that if there is one posture you don’t want to do, that’s exactly the one you should be doing right now. I think it’s a bit the same with decluttering our personal space…the things we don’t want to let go are the things we need to let go so we can move on with our lives and address the emotions that tie us down. One thing I do now (and it took me a while of getting used to the idea) is letting go of Mila‘s baby & toddler clothes because at the end of the day, she is growing up, she is becoming her own, beautiful person with a mind of her own, her own tastes (which means she will no longer wear the gorgeous Liberty …

Life with Mila …at the beach

Here are some photos of Mila I took in France last week before flying to Amsterdam.It was wonderful, we had a gorgeous Indian summer and between rescuing this little chap (briefly called Chocolat), losing him and then getting LOu (love this video!), we enjoyed some wonderful family time at the beach… // Mila wears a skirt from COS and a Bobo choses sweatshirt from Elias & Grace Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

KIDS: Too Cool For School…

Mila inspired this post this morning…She went to school dressed up as an angel for Mardi Gras and she looked very cool. How was your child dressed up today? When I see kids nowadays, I realised how seriously uncool I was back then ;-) Here is a roundup of my favourite ones… 1. Le Dans La inspired by Udder 2. Themis by Ganaelle 3. Ashley, Grace and Romeo 4. Cissy by Michelle Marshall 5 . Limi and Claya by Dee

April & May styling for Zara Kids

April & May styling for ZARA

Gorgeous it was first time around, gorgeous it still is…and I’m talking about the styling my friend Jantine and Vivian from April & May did for the ZARA Baby Collection 2014. The only thing I regret is that sometimes makes that often…the ZARA collections feel a lot like a blank copy of Kids fashion labels which may not have the financial support and overheads that Zara has (and I do love ZARA)….

{Paris} Kids portrait exhibition by Michelle Marshall | Playtime Paris

Each year, Playtime Paris asked 4 artists to interpret a theme to be displayed during the show. This year, the theme was inspired by the arctic regions, explorers’ expeditions and the inuit tribes. Michelle Marshall, who you may be remember from her last venture, exhibited a stunning series of kids portraits swaddled in fur. Mila wears a head piece from Nixie Clothing which I’ve mentioned here.I have long admired the work of Michelle who has done campaigns for Sun Salt/Saltwalter, La Princesse au Petit Pois, and Chalk magazine. Trained as a Photographer at the University of Derby, French-born, north London based Michelle Marshall has always produced amazing photos of children and has a knack for capturing the magical realms of childhood and creating visual stories. You can view the full exhibition here. // Clothes and accessories were provided by Blackeyewear, Bobo Choses, Lucky Boy Sunday, Nixie Clothing, Óvitar by Gu∂run & Gu∂run, Pale Could, Play is Work, Shampoodle and Waddler Clothing. (C) Photography: Michelle Marshall | All Rights Reserved LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Life with Mila…and La Princesse au Petit Pois

When we were on holiday in France this Summer, I bought a gorgeous, vintage smock dress for Mila. It reminded me the kind of dresses we were wearing when Elodie and I were little.London, 7am:Me: “What do you want to wear this morning?” (knowing the answer)Mila: “A dress!”Me: “Well, why don’t you wear the beautiful dress we got in France?”She puts it on and look herself in the mirror…Mila: “Don’t you think I look like an orphan?”Ok not quite the look I was aiming for but she went ahead with it. This gives me the chance to introduce you La Princesse Au Petit Pois, a beautiful, poetic collection of clothes for children designed by the talended Alexandra Darcissac.All the clothes are made in France and are simply beautiful. My favourite pieces are this gorgeous Notre Coeur dress and the Ilo blouse and the bloomers are just adorable!No chance to look like an orphan with this magnificent collection…in fact, it’s quite the opposite…